Friday, May 20, 2005

Off Chest... Now

Ok for sometime now I've been reading about tradeskills in EQ, EQ2 and Vanguard and I am kinda tired of how they all hype it up as bigger badder or better. Now granted some persons may love to do the daily grind of place click and see or click wait for encounter and then push a corresponding a button then BAMB! you have what you wanted either the item or experience. I didn't include Vanguard as I will get to that here shortly.

Ok now the premise of this in EQ was wonderfully done but boorishly hard and stupid on so many levels. They placed to much to chance and nothing to skill which in turn pissed people off or was bored at doing shawl 6 thirteen times. That's just down right Irritating, Now I know it's dated and EQ2 has in ways updated the click and pray effort but there system is even more boring.

I find it difficult to continue after a month of doing tradeskills in EQ2. It will be God's blessing to push my armorer past 31 what a miricle that will be. I've tried to push myself through the button-mash and collect item phase but damn it's so boring even with special events. Harvesting is cool but I do belief rare's should drop from Mobs and come from quests as well. Not like say you get a Fur from TS and it drops from named mob in TS also but say Rare_mob_01 drops a Simpian fur that is the best you can get for that tier and that's the only way you can get this. Maybe it's just me but everyone is starting to look the same and nothing seems to be OMFG that rare. I believe they took a good step in making the system into you acomplish by your skill alone but, there has to be another way to cut the boredom.... Jezz at least make all the tradeskill instances different visualy then when I got to Blacksmith I have different scenery.

Now for Vanguard all I have to say is we will have to see from what I've been reading here it's promising. I will post more on this later.


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