Monday, May 23, 2005

Star Wars Weekend

Aren't weekends great? This one was a blast for me it was my b-day weekend and as usually, I get to see StarWars like I've done since 1980 on the weekend after my B-day. God I love May it seems there's always something going on in the onset of the Summer. Well I have to say there maybe ***spoilers*** so if you have not seen Star Wars you may not want to continue reading.

Episode III was sweet, the best of the newer Star Wars films and in first or second place for best one ever. I've not yet figured out which I like better I do still llove Episode VI however, I'm hard pressed to choose. Ok at the expense of sounding like a geek I have to say I enjoyed every minute of Episode III the sound, the vision, and the story telling aspect of the movie. The special effects "don't even get my started" made every part of that movie believable. If this movie don't win any little gold dudes then Star Wars should at least win for special effects.

Skywalker and Obi-wan's lightsaber fight was the best since.... Well it's never been this good. I know in Episode II Yoda's fight was sweet but way to short in comparison to his fight in this one, DAMN is all I have'ta say. Good line "Failed I did, Into exile I must go" I believe that for all those out there that have a dogma about Yoda is to serious in these last 3 movies, should go into exile yourself for 20 years on a swamp planet and see how sane you'd be when someone would come to visit.

Best scene IMHO is the Yoda Slam... When he goes in the senators Quarters and the two Red Guards are slammed up against the wall. HA! Great stuff.

Anyhow, I love how they put the pieces together and make you feel as if the story is now complete. Well there are a few minor details that I believe the new live action series and the cartoon will answer. I for one can't find it in me to read Star Wars books ever.


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