Monday, May 23, 2005


Ok anyone who knows me knows that I'm a PVPer, it's not that I'm a person who likes to kill but I sure do love a good fight agisnt someone that has a brain. I started on a Blue server Tholuxe Palles as a lonely mage and worked my way up through the ranks and fought many of Orc, traveled vastly in peace, and SOW potioned my way to safety. Yet, a year later I had a sense of emptiness the feeling of not being alive, then EQ started to fade because my adrenalin started to fade.

BLAM! all of a sudden Sullon Zek came to the scene, what a wondrous and beautifull day that was. Everything was new and with the idea of anarchy no rule set server with endless possiblies till Fansy but, alas I didn't fret. I kept on powering a mighty Pally and ruled many of the fights that were engaging with real human AI. Now I know there were other Zeks but it was to my impression these were somewhat clique and guildy with no sense of angst. These days today are hard lived without PVP.

I didn't go out and do Un-Pally like things mind you such as, PK level 9's all day and I didn't go pick any fights unless they were bulling around Goods, sometimes newts. Though that is for a different story. I want a PVP centric server because I want the heart race, I want the pain, I really want the paranoia. These don't exist to much in PVE at the moment, at least not like when I first went up against a Orc_pawn_05 now that was a rush. Now mind you I do still love PVE servers for those days I don't want to be bothered but, I do so love a good unplanned fight.

Now I am hearing they will have special servers that are PVP in the future of EQ2 I'm stoked. This is what a few thousand people that didn't play EQ2 for the simple fact there was no PVP has been waiting for but, will it be just in time for the life of EQ2's turn around or death? We shall have to wait to see.

Now lets hope the implement a reason for us to not want to die and remove all clicky bells from the two citys then the game will be a much better one.


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