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Where's the logic?

I posted a quick snippet from Blackguard yesterday and I've yet to find any good logic. If you break the whole (which I really won't) post down it basically reads.
Blackguard: We did it because newbs are dumb and weak and death is a joke.

I have a few problems with his PR statement as did 9 pages worth of banter about this one issue. At the risk of beating a dead horse I have to get some of this off my chest.

Logical mistake #1: must pay some amount of penance to make up for this, but not an unreasonable one since not all deaths are your fault.

I wish this could be expounded... No really. In the world there is death it's every where. If you go to Runnyeye for the any purpose go AFK and Die by train, it's your fault for not afking in a safer environment. If you jump off the side of the Bell tower in Antonica to get your safe fall up and die, is is your fault. If your in a grp with retards that rush a Even Epic X4 and you all die it's still your fault by choosing the group your in. In all 3 cases you learn, and learning is apart of a world; it's what makes it fun. Especially for a newb at least that's what the drawl was for me. Now there maybe .000000000000001% chance that a death isn't your fault. Because I can't account for that anomaly we will just say for the purposes of this blog...IT'S ALWAYS YOUR FAULT

Logical mistake #2: it should not be so trivial as to make you...... Use it as transportation.... Take unreasonable risks because you feel there is no penalty at all.

I think this one was a typo, what he meant to say was. We will be removing evac from all wiz, warlock, and Scouts. To make way for our new way of Transportation, Death by Evac!! Find new ways to exploit this fun new trick. If your tired of your grp die and evac. Sweet aint it? Also you see that Garganual canyon you need to scale down into is surrounded by NPC that can wax your solo ass. That's right just jump all the way down get update and die in the process so you can then again use your free evac. Remember though we may look into this evac and allow it to only be used once every 30min.

There are other small variance's in the argument for shards I seen as inconsequential. Such as "Players new to the genre or game were often susceptible to frustration when attempting to recover their spirit shards, and would sometimes log out when facing such failures"
UM! GOOD, if your frustrated at a easy part of the game that was spelled out to you in the Island and you quit now better for us all. As a player I don't want to deal with you at lvl 30 when your stressing out about how you have no food or water left or who knows what else. Besides why is SOE catering to Newb vs Vet's in this one?

I mean give me a break, we all get frustrated at times. Like anything sometimes you need a break and when you come back you'll figure it out. Call me crazy but that's what I believe a lot of us got hooked on while we played our first MMO(that and the fact there was a real community). Once you die and you learn after a while it becomes a nuisance to get the shard but hey, that was just enough to stop some if not most people from die'n. If you don't learn then go to WOW I'm sure there are some lvl 65's there waiting to camp a no nothing newb.

There were other posters that had great Idea's and one in paticular I liked. It was along the same lines of what I was originally thinking before this whole fiasco of weakening the Death Vs Reward situation at hand.

To keep it nice I agree this would satisfy the boisterous remarks of weakening the game more.

1 to 10 no spirit shard or debt... Mend

10 to 19 spirit shard with a one day absorb timer, minor debt, mend

20 to 29 Spirit shard with a 3 day timer, med debt, mend

30 to 39 Spirit shard with a week timer, med debt, mend going higher

40 to 49 A lot of Debt and expenses of armor high

50 to 59 SWEET GOD there is debt, expenses of armor maxing

60 XP loss(not Debt) The chance of being kicked back to 59. The only change is that you should lvl 60 gain xp to 10% only till next expantion. Expenses of armor at MAX.

This would actually give a level 1 to 60 better Risk V Rewards then currently exists. Though I still believe that the spirit shard should be in there to stop the Ghetto Evac from happening.

If EQ2 don't fix this weakening of the Norathian world soon you will find me in Battlefield 2 that is all.


Blogger Zygwen said...

If you spend a considerable amount of time dying to end game raid content I think you'd have a significantly different idea of the relative merits of harsh death penalties.

In EQ, loosing xp was bad but it was especialy bad for all the warriors that had to tank the mobs. While most players would die one or two times a raid, Warriors might die a dozen or two dozen times.

This is not possible in EQ2 of course because of item decay. Failure in raids is also harsher because its much harder to mem blur the mob so a wipe usualy occurs.

Enforcing harsh death penalties just means that only the ultra hardcore will truely raid. The risk reward is just not worth it for anyone that remotely has a real life.

Setting raids asides, I personaly don't mind shard recovery for the first shard. What kills it for many other people is that they end up leaving a half dozen shards in the attempt to get the shard back. This compounds the death penalty and certainly does not make for an enjoyable experience.

Here is an example. Lets say you are a mage and you dies in Permafrost. The respawn spot is near the docks in Everfrost. To recover the shard you must run all the way back in your weakned state past all those mobs that see invis. Probability of making it back solo in any reasonable amount of time is close to nil. Thus you are forced to either beg people to go out of their way to help you, wait 3 days or just send in a petition to get your shard back.

To me, dying at Naggy's doorsteps is worse. There is nothing I hate more than people begging me to help them retreive their shard in Sol Eye. Especialy at 2am in the morning. This is why I sometimes hate the Prismatic quest. There is only one way to do Sol Eye safely. You must have a tank + healer. However, without an inviser to skip most of the mobs it becomes a rather tedious affair.

Personally I would never use death as transportation. Primarily because I have evac and several other gate options but also because all my legendary and fabled gear is expensive to repair and my repair bills are large enougth due to raids thank you very much. But that is just me. :P

2:04 PM  
Blogger Quylein said...

We are all entilted to our feelings on death. However as it stands a lvl 60 has no penalty that's worth the O shit I shoulnt die.

As far as most not having evac ablitys such as yourself. You will use this death as that fastion. Take off all your gear go die and bamb. .5% debt and no payment, Not like Xp is hard to get.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Anskiere said...

I like the idea of increasing penalties, but as it was pointed out, having max penalties at 60 might be harsh.. especially for raiders who die often in raid wipes. Also, is this model just having 1-60 in mind? What happens when they raise the level cap? Just more debt and even higher payments I assume?

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the shard removel is preparation for the new PvP changes SOE will implement.Finally our good and eveil alliances will mean something.

And regarding death at 60: Immortality!

9:22 AM  
Blogger Quylein said...

I belive when they raise the cap that they can stream line it.

Yes I do blieve PVP has alot to do with the shard camping issue... That will never exsist now due to this, which is a good thing but uh! That's what makes it pvp and why not just put this crap on that server? O well

1:21 PM  

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