Monday, November 21, 2005

Raid: Overseer Ix and Broog

Well once again this weekend Our guild along with Pandonian Knights took down a few EpicX2 and it was quite fun. First we decided that Overseer needed to go so we ventured over to the Oblisk area of Enchanted lands and destroyed this Level 40 Epic X2. No troubles at all, and not a single death. He didn't drop great loot; some shield Level 35 with something like 15 wisdom. Not to shabby on Wis but the stats weren't that great overall.

Then we all ran over to Sinking Sands to try our hand at the level 52 Epic X2 Broog(sp). We had 2 well rounded groups yet, we ran into a bit of trouble here. We knew he steals all your power in one wak but our MT decided he shouldn't pull due to the fact he wont have enough power to use taunts. So our Assistant tank decided he will pull and the MT will take the hate off, which in turn confused everyone so instead of the healers targeting Broog the all targeted the MT except me.. I target the Mob because he's a single pull and I don't have to worry about adds on the MT. Needless to say everyone goes down in a matter of a minute. So we regroup ourselves and this time the MT pulls, he get power drained and Bamb of course looses hate because he has no power. We have 2 wizards and I know they have a power feed so I get the great Idea of having them feed their power to the MT.. Because if our MT can't keep hate then well lets just say were fukd.

Every one buckles down we regroup and trade our grps to make them less rounded but the tank more HP/AC savvy. We get in there and this time we loose only 3 to loss of hate but, we dug in and he went down. It was a very nice sight indeed, a nice ring dropped which had 15 wisdom. Our Healer Neguvan won, however he decided he would give to me... Which was a very cool gesture indeed...

Best part about the weekend for me, I won my first fabled fair and square. Stupid as it maybe and it will be forever before anyone buys it. Ego blast master1 for a Corcer... Does anyone even play Corcer's? I don't think I've ever even seen a Corcer much less any type Enchanter unless they are Level 15 or so.. Rarely have I ever seen one between level 25 to 50...I think there is 4 or 5 that play in the highend and one is an old friend. This class needs some looking into because as far as I can tell it's not a class to play. Mezz is under powered in EQ2, rightfully so in most cases. I didn't like in EQlive where we had a great group but had to wait for an Ench to join in order to do anything. Breeze is worthless because our power really just regens in chunks after fights so unless your fighting an epic, even then it's debatable. They can't nuke for crap in comparison to the other mages and it looks as though they can't charm much either. Don't get me wrong I'm not one to judge this class as Suck but, from an outsider that's just what I see. Maybe you will see more in PVP, who knows.

After that we had a few that needed to kill the Djin for the Carpet quest he was level 57 heroic... Easy right? Wrong! We went down faster then a juicy girl in pawning for a 100$ bill. We died here I believe 5 times and quickly I might add. He came down and ate me up every time.. I stood idly by and got raped every time for one reason or another Djin didn't like me much. I was tired and almost naked so I didn't care to wait around to figure out a new strategy. Usually I would stick it out but most were between 50 to 54 and one 56(MT). We were just getting ate up with the Cold based AOE or direct hits. We even had a DPS grp that was out of our grp to help with getting him down, but we just couldn't keep the MT alive. Looks like I need to be 55+ before I try and take him down again.

Here's to another great Raid event **cheers** hope everyone's adventure are as crazy fun as mine.


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