Thursday, November 10, 2005

SOGA! - God bless you!

Ok, today marks the first day of changes and a lot have gotten to see what we all been waiting for, fer a time now.. Well mainly me and the Soga models, I gave a brief review after lunch yesterday but today I have a few pictures to break down how I really feel and some of the changes, rather fixes to these in the future.

First off, I love my Highelf now.. Truly makes me feel like my old self reborn. It literally took me well over an hour to make him and 3 separate tries. I even made him a Woodelf for a time but sadly Quylein is not a Woodelf. The first few tries my wife kept saying he looks like a girl or is he gay? So finally when I got my second account I spent a while making him to a good spec. and it worked a bit. I haven't played him much because I just didn't have the affinity for this toon like his EQlive counterpart. Now he is of his former self and even Dinged him 28 last night and started doing some fun Groupage. It took me about 5min to find a good Highelf look and to me that is a bonus. Well during my mixed feelings about Quylein I made Glokk, he's my 49 Froglok Mystic he had; well just look and I'll explain.

Yep my Black and yellow Froglok make green...I feel like a sick vampire, or a disillustioned Darkelf. Either way my days as a Darkelf are limited, mussle tone is great but um..... Seriously! I tried to log off in ilustions both Darkelf where I'm green and Barbarian which makes me yellow and I've had no luck on Soga'ing my skin tone. Even with this minor glitch I still like the overall features.

My biggest complaint... Rather my only real complaint about the looks of SOGA is... See above.
You see he has a stick in his bum look? If not click on the picture and make it bigger, you shant overlook it then. Yes as far as I can tell this is a bug because from just looking around Woodelves, humans and Barbarian don't stand like this. This is a minor bug yet it's quite annoying if you want Soga models on. You look around with STICK BUM figures standing around is somewhat uncomforting.

Overall Good job SOE, I love it.


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