Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Ha! I told you so Free gets peoples attention, and SOE knows it. Free Box, Free XP, Free title... and there's more!!! Man I gotta keep an eye on SOE more closely they kinda sneaky..

Well with the appending birthday of EverQuest2 they are giving out free stuff and it has me somewhat happy. I can Tradeskill like mad till I'm 60, that's about the only free XP I really like and it makes the journey there less painful.

C'mon' a Free box? I want a free Cake or a free present that you open and are suprised... But hey do we ever really get what we want on our Birthday anyway? I sure hope that all turns out really well because it's close to my Year anniversary of playing EQ2. That is what makes me happy.

You see my wife didn't like EQ1 and every time I was playing it she kicked me off. There was either the excuse to make me feel bad for playing.. You don't love me you spend no time with me or, the grafix are hurting my eyes how can you play that? So I quite EQ1 in 2003 I was SOooo Jonesing to play a MMO and was very happy that when I got a free week to play she got HOOKED! Now we are here almost a year later and I'm very happy as to how EQ2 has turned out to become IMO one of the best games out there to play. Kinks yes, Fun always no, but none the less a very great game overall.


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