Friday, October 21, 2005

Halloween fun

Well with LU 15 that hit live the other day people have been in a frenzy going to the (not so) Haunted house and Trick-or-Treating. I have to say that after all the years playing in Norath that I didn't expect and wasn't sure what the Team at SOE was up to. I have to say that they did a Great job on all of it.

The Haunted House is a very fun puzzle somewhat remenisant of the old myst style games. Although, I was hoping for a more Resident Evil jump out and Slap me in the Face scare it was still sweet. Maybe next time they could put in some scary music and scare me like the 5 Ghosts did in StormHold when I picked up my Ghoulbane... That was scary because I wasn't sure what to expect. Now that I did Qeynos I'm gonna run over and try to do Freeport to see if they are different.

Trick-or-Treat was ok, I really liked the whole idea behind Trick-or-Treating though It would of been nice to give us more time to run through the whole city.... I do love running around the city with purpose. So far my best score was 82 and I got my Axe in the head which is the mask I truely wanted, I think it looks the best on my Froglok. Try it out if you haven't yet it's surprisingly fun.

The Best fun yet was to be had in Antonica with Ponchy and his Pumpkin Pie request
(MMMMMmmmmm nothing better then a warm Pumpking Pie on a HOT Alabama night). It all starts in Windstalker village and if you know me I want more life there.. For now there is tons of life in the village running around figuring out what has happened to the Farms. This is a very fun quest even at level 47 it was a Blast.. Now if they could figure out how to make the King Epic27X2 scalable. I tried to green him out by mentoring and getting 2 grps together but sadly he was still Grey. I was hoping to see him drop a master as well as the great quest reward you receive after your all done.

Here are a few forums that are livin-live-lavita-halloweena. EQdaily and EQsummoners and my favorite Forums to hang Aggrome

Ok now for my fun Link fest for Halloween.

I found a great place that gives reviews for horror flicks and has a few steps on how to make some cool scary Cakes.. Check it out it's a neat sight

The History of Halloween is quite interesting... Who really knows where all this came about truely. GO IRISH!

Today would be in vain if there weren't some Halloween jokes Enjoy.

Peace out


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