Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Beating a Dead horse

hmmm..? That actually seems like fun right now. I got one physics question to go and it's racking my brain.

Ok everyone that reads this should know by now that I'm all for class specific loot, and Recently I heard about Race specific loot's. Call me crazy but that would be sweet ass sweet. I really like how SOE is coming through on all these things they keep announcing so, if what Aggro wrote was true. I will rejoice and be glad, we will start to know hey that's a Shaman and look over there that's a Guardian. There is nothing worse in a game like this then looking like everyone else your level.

Now onto a very hard and touchy issue but related in the sense of classes. I have been playing my Shaman a lot lately and I love him. I feel like a shaman, people want me for slows,wards, heals and that makes me not feel like a Cleric or a druid. There are reason why I love my Mystic more lately then the other classes I've played, Mainly my Guardian.

Guardian's in some ways are getting the shit end of the stick and it's really not so fun anymore to be one. I've heard it all from the fighters here, there, and first hand it seems to me they made Monk's the tank class to be. Granted when my wife is a tank/monk it helps because she has lower hp's so I can get her Full up on little mana, and wards usually don't get used up so that's an extra heal.

Now I pick Guardians as an example because that is what fighter I play, I choose this path because I'm about defense. That is what I want, I want to be the best defense in the game period. I know that there should be a balance and it's a very hard dance for SOE to master.
However, when I seen the listings and watched my wife's DPS sometimes out damage a Swashy it's saddens me they are Equal to better at tanking to a Guardian and very close to low scout DPS. Yeah Moorguard pointed out that Guardians have HP buffs and better group defense buff's but Uh! Last I remebered I was a fighter not a caster. It's nice to have a few extra HP's and defense but, to me it don't really matter if the rest of the group has better HP's and defense... If they are getting hit something is wrong... Am I right? Anyhow, I want them to look at this new change and start to balance it better More HP's and defense should be innate to the Guardian class not just spells.

Now to break it down as far as I can; not knowing all the math(there will be no math) and only how the game actually plays out.
There are a few different fighter classes and they are by definition envisioned to be certain things not just by my own words but from some of there first words.
If they are not by definition to be any different then one another then why not just call em all fighters and drop sub classes.

The Breakdown in my own words

Guardian - From what I gathered before the launch and how he was envisioned (sorry for any Bias) Seemed to be the best defensive class in the game.. His better defense would only help him garner the tanking ability's to take on the hardest mobs in the game. Uses Vanguard

Bezerker - Second best tanks should should have good DPS output over Guardian however, should also bolster Close to a Guardian on tanking ability's though not as good. Uses Vanguard

Monk- The ability to dodge and hit invarialbly well over other fighters but their DPS should be second to the Bruiser.

Bruiser - Should be Better at the DPS then the Monk but their Dodging ability's should be lesser then that of a monk though their dodge should Still be better then the other fighters.

Pally - Already pretty good though I think they shouldn't be able to have the best armor like Guardian and Bezerkers. They should have better healing ability's thought not to good to be the group healer. Should still be better at AC mitigation then the Monk and Bruiser.

Shadowknight - Pretty much the same as a Pally, should have better AC then a pally and DPS less then the Monk/Bruiser. Should be able to tank under a Bezerker.

So the lowdown on this in tanking ability's, when it comes to group XP and most occations all fighters should be as good as the other tank. Though I believe each fighter should have their area's to shine. IE fighting a Major Boss mob like Nagafen should be done with a Guardian as a tank and it would help way above the rest. Though, the other's should still have the ability to, it shouldn't be equal.

The way I've notice it play out lately from my Guardian to my Wife's Monk is that DPS plays a bigger role in keeping hate. So she rarely losses it to anyone other then the Occational over zealous wizard. She never gets hit, yeah if she does it hurts some not to bad overall though. As a guardian I lose it all the time.. Master 1 single taunt, Adept grp taunt, Adept low grade Taunt.. Bash.. I use them all every time they pop.. I still lose aggro, I do my other CA which are all mainly Adept or at least App4's so I use the DPS given to a Guardian. However, this is the least of my problems. I get hit... A lot it hurt and burns up the power of the healer all the while the healer is building up hate and then I lose aggro. I'll trigger Rescue if I can but that only helps on singles and if it's up. I like the challenge but it shouldn't be this hard to play a class. As it stands I don't and will not play may Guardian.. Here's hope'n to balancing!!

Sorry, I know I promised the similarities to the office and EQ2 it will have to wait.


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