Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Do you know where your underwear are?

HA! I knew that'd get you reading. As of late I been feeling quite under the weather call it Zyban and quitting smoke or call it the lack of comments. However, it just seems that no matter what I try and do there is a stumbling block. Zyban don't help becuase in some ways it makes you not care lol.

Lately I've been noticing some new armor's and it's quite nice. I even heard a rumor that LU 14 colors the Chain ebon black.. Damn them! I got myself leather because it looks better then ebon that and it's about 2.5 plat cheaper. It should look rather nicely tinted black I just hope they don't go over board. I've also notice the new griffin NPC's actually got a cool looking Leather, maybe it's around for PC's but haven't seen any yet.

Oh I seen my first piece of Class only armor.. Other then Brawler of course. I seen Shaman gloves for sale, granted they are 41 to wear and suck in stats over the cloth one's I own and they are 31. Funny thought AC is not my biggest concern as a shaman, you'd figure they would put better rounded stats on some of this stuff for Shamans.

I believe they should be putting in crazy items like 25 wisdom 100 power only items.. I'm talking about actual armor piece like shoulders, arms, or helmet. There is a market out there for diversity and they need to get their fashion department in liege with their stat's department and start cranking out some good rare items that have their own paticular look and stats. I want there to be RARE items that aren't only fabled. The label fabled doesn't intrigue me as much as a rare look item in general. The rare item in general doesn't even have to be super ubar either. Who knows the expantion is out and new so I'm sure we will be seeing more then what's on the table right now. I just hope they don't over inflate their stats to soon.

Now here's to hoping Cobalt armor doesn't have the chrome silver look we are already all accustomed to.


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Blogger Quylein said...

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