Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Open end Raid rules

Here recently I've sponsored a few open raids. Being's as I don't have a huge guild and I want to get stuff down before it's to trivial I like to have open end raids at the last minute. Seems to me planning these never go as they seem even if you actually have a date and time scheduled. So I usually just throw them together.

I figured I would throw a few more rules out there for people to help them understand open end raids.

Here are my Top 10 Raid rules for Everquest 2

Rule 1. Most things you know about a group don't help on raids...

Rule 2. Know your class and know your spells/CA's. Nothing worse then having a HO sit there for a red lighting bolt... Uh Mage's that means cast a nuke with a lighting bolt icon.

Rule 3. Know what Heroic opportunity's are. If you have ever been there and seen it first hand in a raid. You will feel the sting of failure, especially when the mob is at 1% health; then you realized not a one of the HO's went off over the course of that 10 minute battle... No matter how many times people yell carry the HO. HO's are a strength believe it or not and it's your best weapon since the new Combat upgrades. It only really takes 3 Classes for a good dmg HO to go off you just need to know how to do them.. Read up on them, there are many write up's on how to do them

Note: Here is a quick one. Scout start.. Fighter Kick...Healer heal... Boom capacious spike. This one can do good damage and is a fast one to get off.

Rule 4. On all Raids there is a MT and a MA...Other wise known as Main Tank and Main Assist they mean just that. If you have trouble understanding what they do just by their names (MT,MA) then NEVER NEVER NEVER go on a raid. I don't care how much you need Torig for your trusty Ghoulbane.
Ok, I will be nice and explain: Main Tank is the aggro getter. You know the one that pulls and pisses em off and does the taunting. They will save you from getting beat and in essence keep the raid going. If you take hate from and MT expect to die becuase, I the healer will not save you from your stupidity.
The Main Assist is just that in 90% of the cases you will have this guy targeted. When he finally chooses a mob to kill and calls the kill party Growl then you start to commence DPS. This keeps things in line very smoothly if every one pays attention.
You see here in lies the problem most are so use to assiting the MT that they will never listen or they think they know better.. Even after 10 deaths and a warning of getting booted they will still undeniably target the MT.. Either out of stupidity or ignorance.
(If you have an Enchanter scratch a lot of this) However, I found that a lot of Enchanters still have trouble mezing and charming with out dieing a lot. It seems that the MT,MA works much much better in most raid settings.

Rule 5. If your not the Raid leader and you just joined STFU sit back and listen. If you have wisdom then share it with the raid leader but not in raid chat. Problem is everyone has an opinion and when your not the leader it doesn't count, to be fair if you don't like it then do your own open end raids.

Rule 6. Listen to group formation at all times. I don't care if Suzythenecro is your best blood buddy, if you are needed in another group to perform a raid function then move. This is where my suggestion comes in very handy to be able to move a player from one group to another at will. Here is where rule 5 comes into play a lot, if you are to invite people to come to raid it's fine however, don't tell them what they are suppose to do. Let them meet up and then let the raid leader or leaders decide what to do. There is nothing worse then having to tell someone 15 times what to do, then they reply saying your not the raid leader.. When in fact I am.

Rule 7. Keep your eye on raid chat for any changes or update.. If the leader has motioned to do something such as take a break after a kill and retreat then do it. It maybe to set up a plan so, don't go out and Zerg another mob right after especially when he's epic. I'm sure every one in a raid has some experience; though even with a full raid and experience does not a win make, especially now. You have to be on your game at all times.

Rule 8. Never go to a Raid for experience points, go there to help or for the chance at loots. Nothing is more annoying then having someone complain about not getting any or enough experience... Here's one for you nobody cares.

Rule 9. Loot rules are given by the Raid leader not by you. If your in a Guild give your 2cp worth, but on a open end raid just accept it or leave. Most of mine are NBG and /random 100 or /ran 1000.

Rule 10. Know what /random is it's your best friend. I don't know how many times I've already ran across this. It's a pain to explain and you will lose out on your loot if you don't know otherwise. Open end raids don't run on DKP sorry, and I am also sorry but I don't think Mikeehealalot should get 2 pieces of fabled loots just because the random generator said so.
Also If there is a ML that is the Master looter he will collect all the junk and there will be mass rolls at the end of the raid. This is good sometimes because people will stick it out for the chance to win that loot at the end of the raid.

Explanation of /ran 100: There can be a variations of rolling for the highest number. Usually the highest number wins depending on how the rules are set usually people stick to the highest roll wins. The variations can be any number really from 1 to 1million however most in raids stick to /ran 1000. Due to the number of persons and the randomness of two people landing on the same high number is drasically lowered using 1000 or higher, so that there is no extra roll for ties.


Blogger Aggro Me said...

Very good set of rules, Quylein. Believe me, even some participants in Guild raids could stand to read most of these. I think it's cool that you're doing open raids - the community could use more of that in my opinion.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Quylein said...

I love to do them and would hope to be able to do more when people become more savy. Sadly it takes alot of time and people that dont listen make it take 5X more time then it should.

7:16 AM  

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