Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More Random suggestions

Everyday I play the game .. you know that EQ2 game and I think up suggestions whether or not anyone cares or if SOE has listened to me is all subjective.

Random Suggestion #1 Do like you should of done with EQ1 in the first place, hell you did it with EQ2. Destroy all POK books and anything really that deals with SOL. Or at least make a old world server.

Random Suggestion#2 Get rid of all the Ding Dings on the bells and replace with MC Hammers Song.. Can't touch this while systematically float wisping that person to the closest real zone.

Random Suggestion #3 If it's a big deal or things matter then leave it that way. Stop changing stuff to change it. I.E. access quests to places such as EL and Zek ect. Granted I didn't agree with it in the first place but, there are efforts people put in and don't like them trampled on in one patch.. What next /Tradeskill 50... Ding. /gu hey guys what would you like me to make... O wait damnit were all Armour's? WTF

Random Suggestion #4 Don't keep pushing out expantions for money.. Make what you have work.. Be fun, and most importantly Challenging.

Random Suggestion #5 As far as taking away XP debt from the group and as much as I don't mind; there had better be a good reason. Groups need to function as one, though if you ask me which you aren't but, if you were. I would say up the debt% per death and don't let it regen when you log off... I died it's my mistake let me be punished for it.


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