Friday, July 29, 2005


Well it's off and running, My new guild "Drago" which to me is short sweet and to the point.

I have many plans though, none of which will probly be implamented cause well... I have grand ideas just never seem to have time to follow them through.

Was a fun plan we found a newbie to finally fill in the 6th slot because damn mofo sucka bitch ass friends never all to be on at the same time. OOOOh boy was it a laggy slow time to do what I did to. I logged 2 accounts onto my one computer at the same time both my brothers and mine. dont ever do this to Duel box it just wont work well and for that Im pretty sure. Unless you are God and have a supercomptuer that will launch the next Mars missition. Anyhow was quite a fun time to put it together lag out and then lag in the best place of all laggyness, Qeynos Harbor.

Wish me luck cuase I sure wont need it, this is to be a small force with strong ties and very very difficult to get in. So difficult that newbie was kicked in about 5 seconds after the said this name ux. So um watch you P's and Q's cuase I dont play nice, ever!

We shall see how long it takes to get to the top and even with LU13 it shouldnt take to long for us.


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Psst....What ever!

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