Monday, July 11, 2005


Ahhh! The sweet smell of being a Mystic took 7 days total but, I don't always get to play except for the weekends and that's when I should be doing Homework... Damn Math classes.

This has been a weird ride I've pushed to try to get a lot of cash to at least buy myself steel for my BP at least and I'm gonna push to get it for my Leggings too. Then all of a sudden 2 ore later ba'bling "Steel Cluster" so I got one more to go and for me this is kinda exciting. I know I got a 40 Guardian and I've gotten both Steel and Feysteel sadly, I've never gotten to use it cause for me having rare BP's for only 2 levels was not worth wasting. So I'm quite excited to finally be able to have my now 43 armor do her damn job for me fer once.

On another note and maybe one day somehow this can be answered. How come I can run through levels 1-19 solo but at 19 I got into a group in Nek and it seemed to take me 5 hours to get 20... We were pulling in shit red to me and the xp was for crap I went to double check and the crows in Ant. They were still aprox 1% per grp of 2 kill... I was killing 3 pirates just to get 1% sorry, but that was just mad. Bah! Maybe it's a loot thing anyhow I finally got 20. Now it's time to head to the dungeon of pain to get that Tradeskill Vit down.


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