Friday, July 08, 2005


Well I was proven wrong and me likes. I went after Rotweed once again...and again... and again...and again till about 20% xp debt then I finally realized ok well maybe I should gain a few levels and try once again.

This time I took this tank at his ability's, he knew what he was doing; getting hate and pulling adds to him this monk kicked ass. Later we decided ok I decided that I need to know if this little experiment of mine was gonna lead to the hypotenuse that I want.

Was it just because I wanted him to suck maybe but, I really did want to see what he could do. I took him to the mite field North of NQ gate only to find out he really did kick ass mind you this was only his second day of being in the EQ realm. We waxed mite's for about 1.5 hours and no deaths. It was quick xp and just as soon as I was figuren maybe these level 14, 15 mites were to easy. I said "we need to go kill something harder" then BAMB! 5 level 18 mites spawn he was going down like a Japanese jucie on a bamboo pole. Ward heal Ward heal... Slow slow slow slow. Our little grp wiz dru sha monk.... Kicked there royal assess and, the best part he kept the hate no matter what we did.

So the lesson here is even if you never have played a MMOG you too can learn to play your class and if you don't your a retard.

Lesson for Rotweed at level 12.

Sweat from the brow,
all is calm with healer;
oh shit no group revive.

want better Haikus?


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