Tuesday, June 28, 2005


All I have to say is it's not what I figured it to be. This movie is what I look for in a movie, not to say my taste is bad. Ok here is why, it's not that the movie was a breakthru or the best story ever. Cellular was something that was like o yeah it's gonna be a boring action flick about a dude on a phone called by a damsel in distress. We all have to admit that rescueing Princess toadstool ruled but the mario movie suck... alright bad anoligy

This movie was funny, action filled and a story that didnt have to many parts that were WTF, what about, or this is really stupid... ok if your over critcal you can say there was no real charcter development. There were a few part where I was like Jessica Alba is stand in charcter that has no point being in the movie but, hey she did make the action scean happen in the end. Their relationship was purly plutonic but hey that's just a part I ignored.

I'm gonna have to say this movie was better then first expected to be.


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