Friday, June 17, 2005

The Aviator


Ok, this movie even with Dicraprio in couldnt make it any worse (mind you I did love the Beach). I can go into it all day about how this psycho Howard Huges was a rich little underdog who was great in making movies and a spruce Goose that flew and was a great achievement of his day but um!.. We all already know this. Ok I didn't know he was sexually abused as a child and they seem to try to reference his abuse to his insanity. Though I highly doubt that he was a smart head strong man... Then again as my wife would put it your always wrong so I just might be.

This Movie made an effort to put a mans life up on the screen and did a poor job. It didn't get good till the Xplane that went down and almost took his life. The floor hearing was a great addition however, it was 5 seconds you probly already seen in the previews. If not just buy the trailer. The music for this was composed quite well and did awesome with the pieces of the day but even so a crap movie is still crap no matter how good it sounds...

I'd say if you have 5$ to rent this give it to a bumb for alcohol it'd be more worth it shit, lest wait till it's on HBO.

Anyways sorry for not posting, not much to say but my guild is in turmoil and my life isn't which is wonderful for a change.


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