Thursday, June 02, 2005


The other night I was blacksmithing some armor and thought to myself : Self why is that I am doing this? I mean Armor is cheap now, Food is rarely purchased, and Jewelry is not often bought. Yes I have not one, not two but, three characters that are all above lvl 30.. Armorer is 34, Jewel crafter is 30, and provisionser is 43. Now don't get me wrong I didn't do this with out the help of my loving Wife whom has spent the last 2 months day in and day out doing this to make cash, and yes we do make money just not ton's. Though lately it seems that I would be making more if I was just adventuring here and there. I guess the point of all this is to give some insight to those wishing to become a tradeskiller and some pointers on what I know for those that may not.

First know what you will need/use because this is the only real benefit I have seen in tradeskilling. Understand you will be bored and you better have a good program to watch or something to help kill the painfull wait from 30 to 50. I do believe 1 to 20 isn't to bad for any tradeskiller after 30 Vitality is much less of substance. You will be lucky to get 2 to 3 levels a week with Vitality. You need to know that what your about to make is at least benifitial to you, like I wouldn't suggest you be a weapon smith if your a mage. Rarely if ever are you going to make money from that though it's sometimes a good barter. So unless you plan on using these weapons for alt's or a second main then I would suggest woodworker or tailor *this is only a suggestion not gospel*. Maybe someday if EQ2 starts to actually get the big player base back this will change but as of late not a lot of people have been playing.

Tradeskill quests are your friend: Yes get these down especially if you are planning to be an Armor. The real reason behind all this is because at 25 to 30 your in a hole as well as 35 to 40 meaning you dont get anything new to tradeskill. You will make little money on the market So TS quests boost your faction and helps your Tradeskill (TS) Guild on level ups. You are also on your way up the list of contributors, I do like that I'm #2 in my Smithy Guild. Though the best reason for this is you don't have to make pristine all the way quickly getting XP and cash. I made 10 Feyiron chainmail boots in about 10 minutes with the reward of selling back to vendor of about 3gp *this sux. Though if you do the TS quests from say Trushots guild in Willow wood you will receive ruffly 9gp and the xp from combines.
Now you can't make a killing doing this but it's a good short cut to being more productive vs being a counter click whore for 50 levels hoping your full bags will sell in time for your next splurge.

TS TIP #1: Regardless of what it takes to combine if your after xp over cash then Pristine will reward you with extra xp vs crude every time but the sell back vs TS quests isnt worth it. *I didn't know this for a long while*

TS TIP #2: Be what your gonna use, because the market is worse then the NYC Dow Jones it just seems to keep plumeting.

TS TIP #3: Learn to barter with others in the TS guild you will hook yourself up with more gear then you can shake a stick at and for a little be less work then it takes to get cash.

TS TIP #4: Tradeskilling is a way of life if you have a hard time being board it's really not for you. Though if you are a fast typer and enjoy socialism usually other's in the TS Guild area are willing to chat and if not hopefully your in a guild.

TS TIP #5: Above all else I wouldn't suggest TSing without Vitality. You can adventure, quest, or make a lvl 3 and move him to Qeynos/Freeport and make another TSer. You can use the two TSers in between the weeks. Above all if you feel like quitting EQ2 because your bored quit TSing.

The question why am I doing this? I guess it's becuase I'm a gluton for pain and I do get a rush combining imbued Steel and Feysteel items.


Blogger Aggro Me said...

I just get too bored tradeskilling to take it. I got to level 17 and gave up because I was dreading it. It's not so much the actual tradeskilling as having all the necessary ingredients, sub-combines, etc. On the other hand I have friends that really like it.

11:59 PM  
Blogger Quylein said...

Yeah I understand, though as I said Im not really doing it alone. The wife takes a big part and if she didnt I would be done lest till I hit the Glass celing of level 50.

8:57 AM  

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