Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Server Save

I know in the previous post last Friday I was a bit upset at this solo quest and still believe they should of well as made that unlock the server quest as well... But hey, who am I to judge. I just read about the Ascendance guild on IPYM and all I can say is "nice video" and that it's great that Ascendance just got a lot of stuff handed to them for downing Venekor once again for this live event. I'm definitaly happy for them yet sad for all those who was not or will not be able to do the solo quest. HAH! Now I get it make solo quest easy and the server quest a little bit harder so that some could get it done before it's unlocked. I belive that after seeing this the unlock server quest was also to short. I mean common I was sick for months! Though I can say I think I will recant somewhat, I did enjoy the solo quest but felt talking to the Chief was a little bit lacking. Overall I'm happy that my next to favorite race is now playable for me.

TIP 2# If making a quest never make a special event quest to do the same thing you did for any other live event quest or big quest that involve the same steps. i.e.- kill Venekor


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