Friday, May 27, 2005

The Questing

SOE's grand idea has not been so grand if you ask me when it comes to the quest to save the Frogloks. I have no love for this easy and somewhat boring quest, it's useless they should of just gave us the damn frogs to begin with.

I began the froglok quest last night just like everyone else on my server which lead me to think why if everyone is doing this solo quest really care to unlock them for the server? Because this damn quest is way to easy... I mean really within 6 hours people were already making youngling frogloks. It was a pathetic atemp at doing something good but hey you know /duel and the PVP for the new expantion is somewhat more important so why waste any real time on this quest. If you haven't figured it out I am quite upset this quest was so how do you say ignoramus..

Com'mon do I need to help save a love relationship, find a doll, and figure out a riddle to make the Chief happy... Give me a break! I know there was a little thought put into this but it seemed to have been slapped together over a drunken stupor in the bottom of Sony's basement by the janitors climbing the corporate ladder.

Now for the Good: I did enjoy the froglok ghost Giilbi or whatever his name was. Um yep that's about it.

Next time you plan on doing something for the people and expect those of us to actually enjoy a quest that seemed 6 months in the making at least give a sense of urgency a sense of bravado a sense that you may not make it out alive. I give them a C for effort an D for a crappy quest overall I would like to think they put effort into the live event for the server but, sadly I'm afraid it will be done before the weekend is up.


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