Thursday, May 26, 2005


Ok, I logged onto EQ2 this morning and noticed it was loading LU9 which is to my surprise becuase if it was me I would push it back till this evening. I mean why not they pushed it back so many times why not half a day as well. I am just hoping I can begin a long awaited quest to help my Frogie friends find there way back to Castleview, Qeynos. Anyhow I will keep the massess aprised as to what it takes to get the single verstion done and hopefully by Monday I will be finished.

I did however get to read Aggro's post on Frogloks and he has a few links that seem to have some info as well as some fun stuff to do. I am hoping I can fill in any blanks to this quest but, I really do hope this is an engrossing quest both for solo and the raid live event.... I swear as I have previously said if this dont live up to what they hype is... HEADS WILL ROLL!

Have a nice Thursday.


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