Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I know, I'm not the first at annoucing this but it goes along with my earlier post . I think this will be a warranted and great experience to finally have this implemented into the EQ2 culture. It has been a while but I would at least want to have the ability to kick someone's Arse that pisses me off, or show up some friends with my Shiny Saber of Friendly kills. As for the nay Sayers complaining about OMG they wont quit spamming /duels to me /petition : Hey SOE can you hold my hand while I waste more CR time complaining bout the fact I don't know how to ignore my chat...

Anyhow, in EQ1 blue and Red servers never had a /duel problem. Only time I got /duel'd is either when I initiated due to an ignorant, or rude players, and sometimes when I may have overstepped my boundary with someone else. Though I believe this is more a blessing then a curse due to the nature you don't have to participate, and I do so hope it annouces: NEWB_01 has ran like a cowardy dog in OOC when they run to zone. I will have to pay up to a friend of mine if there are many /duel problems but I strongly believe this will be little to no problems at all. Scouts Sanctuary also has a little write up from a little testing of this on... yup you guessed it Test, nice read.

Aggro Me has a wonderfull review and some insightfully reading on this new /duel system and an insightful review of the history of /dueling. Tomacco Yumm!


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