Wednesday, May 25, 2005


It's been a long time coming and today is the day right? Wrong, push it out 6 months a month then a day what the hell. I've been one of the patient few that figures the longer has to be better and with that I've waited and waited for these damn amphibious beings from the swamp to be playable. So I logged on this morning to see in the patch notes "Frogloks are waiting to be helped on their journey home" to no avail there was no patch, so I figured I'd go look at the boards. Nope not there either though I'm sure by now people are starting to fly off their rockers due to the next push back. This has to be worse then an expantion with really bad bugs and implementation, but not worse then screwing over EQ1 with the teleporting books.

Here is a rule to live by as a game maker, designer, programmer... Don't put dead lines ever! At least don't tell the general public that it's going live this day and month because guess what, we will hold you to that. I mean it wasn't bad enough that frogloks weren't in yet but you let people wasting countless hours try'n to figure out this quest that has yet to be implement. All I'm saying is that this quest better be involved and have a wonderful sequence of events for us to feel thatall this is warranted.


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