Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Weekly Review

Once a week I will start to entail a people's person view of movie's and DVD's I watch this by no mean is professional. I will not use stars or numbers generally but, it doesn't mean I wont in some.

Are We There Yet and National Treasure

Are We There Yet
was a movie that was fun and enjoyable with at lest 2 gut busting laughs and I say if you have no sense of humor*Read Here to know* then you may not like the physical and whimsical jokes throughout the movie. I would say it has to be the best comical movie released for a while. Ice Cube and the two kid worked really well together, making it even more hilarious even though you did want to whip those kids a lot in the first half the movie. There were the right element about the whole script and the location well that and I'm from Portland/Vancouver area and I enjoy seeing my hometown area on the Little/big (TV) screen.

National Treasure was a great movie for the family both kids and adults alike should enjoy this flick it's action adventure and it feels like it from beginning to end. Though with Disney being at the wheel I wasn't sure how it would turn out. Not that they haven't made timeless classics or anything but I shy away from Disney unless it's a cartoon of sorts.

This movie had me from the being because every one loves a good treasure hunt and if you have that adventuring spirit and love the feeling of finding something that has been lost then this movie will put you at the helm. It's made me want to finally go out and buy a Metal detector that I've wanted since I was a kid. I believe the whole cast did a fine job the script and location it was the right amount of elements to feel embedded into the history of America.

There is only one real complaint about this and it's understandable why they put it in. I know when there is good vs. bad it keeps some glued to the edge of their seat more. Though I felt that the whole Bad guy felt somewhat out of place it took away from the film which could of benefited the extra time to get more involved with the story. Overall this was a fun movie that I would watch again.

If you have the time and the money both these movie's are wonderful DVD's to rent.


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