Monday, June 13, 2005

Rare is Rare

Feysteel, Glimmering Tooth, and other rare's...

It's taken me since 29 to get Feysteel and 2 days for Glimmering Tooth.. I am 37 Guardian BTW. I sat yesterday and finally put forth time to harvest these rare's. Was actually quite fun being jumped from the left and right either by Orc's in Zek or by bears and Bugs in EL. Well I ran around for about 11 hours yesterday and came out with hmmm...9 Rare's my fave is the 2 Feysteel but, I really needed the Tooth I got Glimmering all over and no tooth. The wife took over around 7pm I started around 8am and got a few things. She harvested till O I say 9:30pm and Ding Ding Ding.. yep Got one tooth harvest again got another tooth.... Go to the next Den got 3rd tooth... Kinda cool but sorta a PITA. I waited well over 12 hours to get this tooth to finish a Heritage finally got it and it was to late to do anything with it. Well I'll wait till next weekend I spose.


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