Monday, June 06, 2005

Character Heritage

Heritage of a character in the Norath world has been a hard one for me. I love the quests even though I sometimes wish they were harder to obtain I enjoy doing the quest none the less. However, as a player on Everquest live my character seems to be more of who I was and I want that back *somewhat*. I spent over 2 weeks researching what Class to become and I finally chose a Mage named Quylein. I played him 4 years and enjoyed most of the time I was in that world, but as for EQ2 it's been difficult to remake the past.

First I had to get my wife to like the game that was not as hard a venture as first thought out to be. She hated EQ1 but fell in love with EQ2 in a matter of only a week. She loved Tomb Raider as a game (Only game she ever liked) so I made a High elf Guardian Female because that's about as close as you can get. Now as much as I like female characters I am not one to really love playing one. I do love my Guardian and its fun to be in the fight which I didn't’t have a chance to do in EQ1 I miss being a Conjurer and controlling my pets. This is what led me on the path of not having a remake of my 1st character which I really want to do.

In about 5 days time I will have my second account to activate and am going to Create Quylein the mage. Though I have tampered around with the HIE males and think they seem kind of feminine. It’s been difficult to reprise my character from EQlive to EQ2. Let’s hope by the time I get the show on the road Quylein from Qeynos will earn his way in Norath just like Quylein from Felwithe.


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