Friday, June 10, 2005

No where but up

Well being at the bottom you start to realize the little things you may have ignored in the past. Like how nice it is just to have a computer work even if it is 900mhz processor, this being over my usually 2600 and even 1200. I even have a monitor with the red Hugh that dosen't work worth a shit. I mean it takes 5mintues just to warm up to see anything...*and I'm loving it* I feel like when I was 5 and I would get up to my Big Floor Tube TV and had to wait to see Scooby doo. This was a time when you can hear the show... Your waiting and 5 minutes seems like an eternity "damnit Oh!Oh! There Scoobys tail. Anyhow, I got my computer up after 4.5 hours of trial and errors and boy were there errors. As far as work well were here today let just see no where but up, and if I get my new account opened today then it's on the second rung for all I care. See ya at the top.


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