Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Jewel in the rough

Last night as I watched in awe and boredom of EQ2 when it comes to watching Tradeskills that is, while my wife was playing. She had just reached 30 with her jeweler and as with both my Provisioner and Armorer go at 30 they don't get anything new really well new food and gloves but not much that people buy. Her jeweler got Velium rings and the ability to imbue level 20+ rings.

She sat out the night before to make a few of these rings both of em having good quality's for their levels one for 30+ and 20+ imbued I think she made 5 each the night before. Now she imbued the rings and set them for sale, as with anything before this it's taken a few days to dwindle supply. There is not that big of demand for anything Armor and Food on the Faydark server so it seems, and I'm a cheap seller. Well the wife decided that the rings being sparse on the broker she would get top dollar, and she did with in 4 hours all 10 rings were gone and she was 50gp richer. My mouth gaped open and I was even more upset that I spent the time so far and got scraps for my shit, I guess I need to make it to 50 artisan and see.

Lessen learned if you are to be an artisan be a jeweler you will make cash!


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