Tuesday, June 07, 2005

WR: Birth

This weeks DVD rent is Birth with Nicole Kidman and Cameron Bright.

Let me say Birth was a really slow movie so slow I almost lost interest however, it seems every time I was about to hit my power button to go to bed another racy scene would show up. An almost porn like scene was placed rudimentary to the whole movie though good none the less. The jury is still out on if I like this or dislike this movie but, I would say it's worth a 1$ rent at the local video store. I would get the fast forward button handy cause some part just drag there are two part I remember. First when Nicole sits at the Theater to watch some Classical music fast forward that 10 mintues of her just staring. Second when Bright is told to wait out side while Nicole and Russian from Armageddon want to talk FF that part about 5 minutes of him just looking around. I'm sure there are more but over all I would say the type of story is somewhat intriguing.

The funny thing about this movie was as my wife and I watched the Bathtub scene she had said "I am suprised they didn't cut this out in the made for the American movie." (Little back ground my wife, she is full blooded Italian). The stuff they show in Italy is sexy but not disgusting or twisted and they don't blur out boobies on the Evening news when they are showing a breast exam for women with Breast Cancer like they do here in America, Game shows either. I always see these old short ladies about mid 40's that would scream " OH GOD CALL FCC I SAW ME A PAIR OF TITS ON MY T.V. AND MY LIFE IS RUINED." ok getting off the subject.

When my wife had said what she said I was quit surprised that there was a weirdly mixed review in Venice Italy. So suffice it to say the one thing this movie has going for it is that it's got some really skewed views of the after life and what a grieving women would go through if she found her dead husband alive in a young boy.

Here's how it'd go for me.. Scene-

Reincarnated Wife 10 years old: " I'm your wife."
Me:" What? My dead wife, well your cute but um no grass no ball."
Reincarnated Wife:" but, I'm your wife and I love you."
Me:"Ok prove it."
Reincarnated Wife:"you have a small penis"
Me:"Um that's common Knowledge"
Reincarnated Wife:"Well if you wait till I'm 18 I'll show you I'm your wife"
Me:"Ha! ... OK, come back in 8 years."



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