Monday, June 13, 2005

New prebeta VG picts.

Last Fanboy Has the new pictures of Vanguard prebeta.

The jury is still on Michael Jackson's case as I am on how I feel about these pictures. As much as is good with these there is bad. Bad in the sense I'm going to have to see the game first hand to give a good impression on how I think this game is/will be holding up.

For example This Looks as if someone stuck a broomstick up his Hooha and he's tryn to get it out... Looking around thinking Hmm hope no one is watching.

And This One seems as if his arms are lacking muscular detail, along with textures all around.

As far as this One you can see their posture. Now I understand this is PreBeta(alpha) and I also understand they are still pictures. I just dont understand why all these people seem stressed out, overworked, and under paid. Seriously they should have a more fluid look to them yet, all 3 humanoids in this picture tend to be postured as they are about to serve me tea.

The grass as it get closer and closer to the female in the last picture started to look well, you know what I'm going to leave it till I see it in action. I sure do hope we have happier characters in the game, cause if it's all Gloom and Doom Count me out Unless it's dungeony and I get to kill evil. I belive there needs to be a well round of facial features some Mean, Happy, or Serious to start and I do believe they will have this.

Ok, I know there's a little bit of over-critiquing here about these but, all the Fanboi's goo and gaa at the boards and it seems to be a lacking of actual critisism. Mind you I don't post there because I'm not a debater of the boards and I don't want to feel as If I'm trolling. I respect the ideals of this game and think it will be fun. I do sometimes think the graphic look awesome this landscape is very nice.

Though most the people look as if someone just rammed em in the pooper like Here and Here the only person in the second picture here that don't look like they are stiff is the Human running on the right. The charcters look great overall the detail seems ok though there stance is as if you haven't figured it out IMHO somewhat unreal, just bothersome to me.


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