Monday, June 27, 2005


Something in the shattered lands of Norath is well not only Shattered but is yet to be desired. I remember thinking back to the trails in the Plan of Justice during my EQlive stay, man that was awesome. Not only because it was fun and group centric but hey everyone wanted a mage to kill shit and kill it fast. However, I've been doing Trails in Zek for the SBS, mind you I've had about 40 of these in EQlive and it's nothing of the same not even the same look type it's a round shield though that's a different subject all together.

Trials in Zek are somewhat unwarranted solo, group, solo, group, solo, group..... 5 hour intervals and not even a trail more like a hey go here kill 10 rats but wait in between. The only thing I really want to do this one for is the Heritage/patron points and a decent looking shield I will use. Though, I guess my point here is why does Sony find it fun to wait and have instancing like this? Why can't it be, go in battle your ass off and come out like the POJ trials that was a trail of wit skill and people who had to know WTF they were doing. That and these levels don't seem well rouned meaning if you start it at level 32 and try to go in there and do the 5th solo you will most likely get your ass handed to you. So now not only is it 5hour wait but a few levels you have to wait, to me this makes little to no sense.

I mean this Orc is like "hey I don't trust you here are my trials"... "Oh NOW I trust you here is my 6th trial" Ok if you trust me after the 5th fuck the 6th trial bull shit. Then after you go into a raid like setting of DFS... Which is still to be determined.

Ok I like and love some quests and I know there are a shear amout on them but, that's the point. If you have 1 million quest I'm sure you can find it in your heart to delete the ones that are just not worth doing. I would much rather have 5 quest worth doing and have a great story vs. 100000 quest that are go here kill this go here kill this oh now go here kill this. Immerstion and story driven quest are the ones that I'll remember.

Great example shitty item don't care and I still love the quest... Dark elf mask. Please get away from this spoon fed crap Sony, or you'll lose very quickly.


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