Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sill tightening up the graphic on level 3

Ok to play off of what Aggro did yesterday again... Yes I'm quite busy and well I just don't have much to say other then cut and linking and well I just don't like to do that much.

Let me just say I'm having fun in Calc III and Discrete math.. They are both so enlightening, well maybe not so but hey I'm getting my degree after 10years outa high school and that's something I feel good about.

On the EQ2 front - Provistioner 46.... wheph!! Almost there. Armourer 39 WOOHOO got where I want to get and gonna keep going cause lol I'm almost 40 with my main and haven't really tried to level Adventure wise since 31 so I'll need at lest a full set of Fulg gear.


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