Monday, June 20, 2005

Guild Woe's

So we all know that the guilds have levels, 30 to be precise. I have no idea what they are useful for and the contention as to why we all should get to 30. I put it into perspective last night when we lost 3 levels. I'm was quite Irate that the 2 people with the most points left. Until this morning when I realized who cares I don't need a rug or ghost horse. I don't care if I get a new painting for my room. I don't care if I get anything... well maybe a forge and stove and keg that makes pristine but, that's not a matter.

Why is it we feel these carrots mean anything I don't care if I have gear that is not useful until I see that damn orange turn gray or green. Which leads me to my main point. Why does SOE find is in themselves to remind us we need to do something. How come we can't just do it our way after level 20. I understand we got newb's in EQ2 and some who need a hand holding. But shit, can I please turn off this crap. I believe we all need something to do in this game but can't we do it on our own time can't we just live our virtual lives on our own. I'm not usually one to complain to much but some of this has to go.

Change 1# get rid of gear colors or lest make it optional, hard to play when I feel like I should go raid for uber gear upgrade to a green item that's working just find.

REBUTAL: I know just ignore it but it's hard. Sorry that's just me

Change 2# Make FP and Qeynos a full zone without bells It wouldn't take to much for me to run from Willow Wood to NFP area vs zoning there. Same goes for Freeport.

REBUTAL: Sorry zoning is apart of this game and that is ok but, it has taken a lot away from the town's

Change 3# Make it a must to do the boat ride and make them more fluid and make it scalable to the person level and grp numbers.

REBUTAL: Sorry for all those who are get there and get it done kind of people. Go play console games if you want instant gratification. Or go rent porn either one works

Change 4# Get rid of the math in guild levels the major contention is patrons. Let us use a 3rd xp line and make it active per person to use normal xp for guild level. Can also use the writs and heritages but this crap is a joke.

REBUTAL: I don't think many would contest this but, for those that earned their 30 guild level may. Suck it up shit needs to change

Change 5# Make more zones less instancing. Such as going into the Castle should be contested it was fun the first time but there should be a real zone in there were people can get together and grp and if they want they can instance the zone somewhat but also have a XP instance where people can just go in solo and get groups. Like Access quests they should be for a key sometimes too not just a instance, such as killing the Lord in RoV it should be contested.

REBUTAL: Sorry for all those that want to just get there and get it done that feel like they have to camp here's a wake up. It's boring leave you don't have to CAMP just xp somewhere or find something else to do.

I mean I'm not sayn all of this should be Contested but heritages are to easy as it is and I hear they may make it spawned. This is nice somewhat but, I believe that some stuff should trickle in not gush heritages being one of them.


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