Thursday, July 07, 2005


I have been known to complain about how easy EQII is at times but, not today. This maybe the only time I can say I enjoyed bugs and my 14% debt.

Last night I was doing the good ole quest of killing Rotweed in Oakmyst forest and boy was this a fun time. Well fun for me because I was getting my ass along with the grp's ass handed to us. Mind you he's only yellow to me and blue to the other 2 in my group. Well the difficulty was mainly because in this cave you can seem to always be getting hit but, can never seem to see who is hitting you... Damn dryads and rotting trees. Well I can say this was a fun night even though I didn't accomplish doing the task at hand it pointed out that sometimes winning isn't the only fun you can have. Though, I do have some compliants.

The two separate people I was grouping with were less then adequate in knowing how to play well more the mage.

MAGES: This is for you if you have never played EQ or EQII for more then a month in a group...
MAJOR NOTE: Just because you can get agro and get hit for the first 10 levels and live cause you can outnuke the mobs life DOSE NOT mean you can keep doing so especially on a HEROIC mob.

It seems that even some of the higher Mage's like to acquire hate and they do so in the way of NUKE NUKE NUKE ..... Dead.. VS wait till tank or their pet has hate... NUKE.....Wait a good amount of time the NUKE, rinse repeat. This newb mage did this a lot and died like 6 times the whole time we kept trying then he just disband and said sorry don't want no more debt. Which I can understand if it wasn't your fault.

MINOR NOTE: if you are in a group with a healer don't fucking run away or you will quickly parish. Everytime this little tyke got hit he ran like a rabit from my bumper on a strait strech of highway. I can;t stress how fucking annoying it is to see someone die on my watch that would of otherwise been ok... Especially if he was by my side.

TINY NOTE: Tanks don't need DPS they need defense and your taunt buttons are their for a reason so go buy a fucking Tower/Kite Shield. Oh and if people in your group are getting hit switch targets to the mob that is hitting your group mates... Especially the healer, they die you die or loose.

I have little experience in EQII with other tanks other then last night because I'm a 40 Guardian main. So from last night experience all I can say is he did his best but sometimes you need to switch targets for hate if there is no Crowd controller.

LAST NOTE: I grew up back when most of the newb areas were group only so I can only say this might hinder the next gen of newb's if they don't learn to group now, not at 20. However, only time will tell. All I see is people that don't know A. How to control agro and B. How to keep agro(tank) two very important rules in any group.

OTHER NOTE: Self- get bigger groups because Bigger always Better. Read as easier


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