Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hero's and Freedom 2

Nobody really likes a sequel right?

I got my second EQII account and well I have to say not only do I like this sequel of a game I enjoy my second try at life on Norath. I'm trying to do things efficient enough as it is and think it's fun to play EQlive style... No newbie quests. Well I know they have em in EQ1 now but not when I started. I just go out and Obliterate shit with my Smite and that's fun, been a while since I used magic to "make shit dead".

Hey SOE here's a good Expantion idea, more newbie starting area's with new cities to start at but the possibility to bind to the Hamlets. Please God no more kill 10 Rat quests. I have more then enough of those to last a life time.

Ahh! The Shaman life for me.


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