Friday, July 01, 2005

Hero's and Freedom

Everyday you will hear one of those two words at least in my line of work those two words are used liberally throughout.

Hero- It's meaning is forced into recent American society as a word just to use as power. The meaning to me should be used sparingly and used in context that fits the profile. Such as the media using it as a word paramount for all that are Police/Firemen/Military. Now granted there are Hero's that are in these professions and I would agree that the 911 Government workers showed true heroism. I would tell you now I would sit for about an hour debating on weather or not I am gonna go in there and save the people.Whereas those that did just charge in did so not just because it's what they get paid for but they knew they could make a difference however small in the whole Chaos of that event.

The standard format for the word Hero is getting used to just describe people in those professions that sit on their asses and don't do anything. I was in Kuwait for 4 months in 1999 and yes there was conflict even then, just not televised. USS Cole was destroyed when I was there and a tanker full of explosives went off outside 5 Miles from our Burm, there was also Aircraft coming back with bullet holes from the locals target practicing. This all just supporting the no fly zone. By no means am I a Hero I sat there supported my fellow Airmen in getting the Aircraft in the air I did my job and played Final Fantasy series from 1 to 9. Their are some who are even worse that just sit on the thumbs do nothing and for that people praise them for being Hero's and that's the point I'm getting to. How are you a Hero for sitting on your ass with a uniform on? Jesus is a hero he died for those of our souls that are in need of being saved Christian or not as a person everyone that looks at him knows he was a Great Man. That is what the word should be reserved for People who do things for others intentionally without reward without anything in return.

is shat out the mouth of every one when it best suits them and it's being to piss me off.. See Patriot act fuck this shit. How is taking my freedom to walk this land and do business while Big brother can deem what I'm doing a National Security issue? They say we Military are protecting and making freedom but as I see it Osama's Crew won. September 21, 2001 I walked the streets of Vegas with my brother and it was like a scene out of Steven Kings The Stand. Every one was scared shitless as if a 3rd world country already took over. Soon after people started to go out then started to look over their shoulders as if they were gonna get eaten by a Muslim horde. Every breath out of the News was about fear and people ate it up, shit if normal people buy this crap I could only wonder how a person with a psycotic disorder took it.

I feel that every day and every time I hear the Government and News use the word freedom it kills it. Do you really think Walace would of screamed Freedom on his death bed? I highly doubt it I know he was fighting for his people to have it but did it ever really happen? Did George Washington run around to all the reporters ensuring his troops and his traitorous acts were for freedom? No! He knows that why he was trying to oust the Brits and his troops followed him into battle for something bigger and better then themselves. (Not Freedom) If anyone tells me one more time that the Revolutionary war was for Freedom I swear I'll go postal.

I see it this way if they ran around saying "O Washington sir thou must killeth thein enemy and smite him with all we haveth for freedom" Good Ole George would of probly just walked away or how I see it pull out his musket and off that idiot. We wanted to be free to practice religion as a way to praise the lord and know that the lord is apart of our Government system but not have the Cardinals and Popes to run it. Though I believe the biggest reason was we didn't want to be taxed (without representation) and have Virtual Senate in London. Though if you look at it
now it seems we just slap a smiley face on it and we can tax the fuck out of the people. Ok, now I will give to them but WTF this this about then? I wouldn't mind payn taxes so much if I knew why we just throw American dollars away. First hand exp here, I work with gov. Money day in and day out and am told be responsible take care or end up in prison which is quite funny. I use Gov mone stupid and they use even more Gov money to keep me in a Cell?

Here where I work we penny pench all Fiscal year which is good it's the American's money right? Then they come down a few months before the end of the year and go fucking Crazy, yesterday we got 20k out of 250K for just our area to spend it all by the end of the day. Here is what pisses me off what good are you gonna do with 20k when you have everything you need already? 20k pens and pencils, ping pong table, a new Air Conditioning unit? I mean this is 20K which is little under what I make in one year is gonna be spent in 1 day for stuff we can be without O lets not forget the other 230K that was spend throughout the whole work force? I fucking though we had a Government deficit and want to spend wisely? I know why they do it, they want the same checking account #'s or higher the following year. I guess it's the same reason some Air Force Chief who works for 30 years only gets Aprox. 2000$ a month vs. a senator that has been in office working 10k. Government has been corrupt since the day more then a grp of people decide they are gonna run the people. O wait I forgot the Americans run the government right?

I got a little off the subject of Freedom but this is what I think of Freedom at this point of time it's a concept just like infinity there is nothing solid. I wake up everyday knowing that my Government can fuck with me all in the name of what the fuck ever. O did I mention they can just come take our house for public use.... Um Go fuck yourself I will buy a house in a prime area for public use load up on guns and lets have another Waco. I don't need one more fucking mini mall or Wal-Mart up my ass o and the 15 7-11's right in a row... O wait don't forget the all coveting McDonald's cause I can never seem to find enough of them when I'm hungry. When Rome was to be free and have the "Mob" rule the Government that was built for them in the first place. Then the senate freaks the fuck out and Kills the only one Julius Caesar whom like George Washington didn't take the Crown of Rule. These men are Hero's they did what was good for the people and would do so for the world.

Now don't go getting me wrong I think America is Great I just believe it should be Greater... Keep taking God out of our home and see him leave. Keep taking freedom from people and the Government will soon be slaughtered in their sleep. Keep shitting in your Neighbors yard and see if he don't start defacing ours. It takes anyone with a voice to start a war as a president it takes a great HERO to know how to keep the peace and to deflect any reason for war.

As far as Freedom I say you need to start Racially profiling I'm sorry if the NRA started to fuck with America and blew up the Empire State in New York I would hope that they would screen Irish more...(I'm Irish) I'm sorry but pulling my Grandma off to the side to search every inch of her person and ruffing her neatly packed luggage just because some Sand Monkey wants to fucking blow us up in the Name of Allah is fucking ridiculous. Here it is If I look suspistius then fuck with me cause I probly have an agenda. We have to many laws that contradict laws that make up new laws that fuck with other laws we have any way to just about get off if we have enough money. The basic laws that we have had for a few Centuries are now being taken out of our Courts see 10 Commandments to many to point to just one.

All I say is lets keep this up and we will get to see the fall of the Roman Empire first hand.


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