Thursday, July 14, 2005

r(t) = 3/2 (t+1)i + e-tj; Find v(t) and a(t)

Sorry not much to post at the present time.

But it's problems like these I've been working and well lets just say all numbers to me are starting to become like the 150pack of coloring crayons we got as kids. They all look nice and we know we can use them but WTF are we gonna use a cocoanut pecan yellow for? Exactly there already is a brown and a yellow so why differentiate into one color?

I spose it is the same reason we get new books every year for math. They want the money and 150 crayons sounds better then the 8 basic ones; lol it's funny to me cause it seems 8 is more then enough and well math never really changes.

anyhow if anyone knows how to do either of these questions from my Calc III class feel free to email me or post a comment.

lim n to infinity n Square root n, use Ratio test. and find convergence using nth root test.

MacLaurin series a=0 f(x)= e to the x/2

and the one in the title ... We shall see your mettle.


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