Friday, July 15, 2005

Guild what?

Exactly! I'm gonna make a Guild of my own. I've decided that in the last 5 years of MMOing and good raid and group leadership that it's time to move out of the basment of other peoples rules.

My Guild has decided that after all hell and high water to just throw in the towel. Not sure why other then the leader sux well one any way. She has presumed that the guild is in dissaray and we need to join another guild to be warrented.. I say resign your dumb ass and let the guild decide it's own destiny but, instead of getting in a heated debate over a keyboard or Team Speak I will just go my own way. I got the first 6 all real life friends and family and we are gonna set the ground rules together.

Rules: The rules never seemed to be in place in this guild. If they had rules they were often broken.

Sorry going for some stream of thought here so I'm gonna make up my rules basis now as I type. These are things that should be held in high esteem I feel in every guild but I dont care I want them to at least be in my Guild.

1. 12 Patrons max, no more no less; unless one patron is resigning or has quite EQ2 to be replaced.
2. There will be a leadership as a senant 3 persons will decide together if one person veto's it will be held over till the guild as a whole come to vote on the results.
3. JFK here There will be no GIMMY! I WANT! I WILL GET!. NBG and that's not loosly based we will give you what you need. That means you are gonna use it and that item is Attuned to your person at point which you get item.
4. Level 20 adventurer min to join; or lvl 20 tradeskiller which ever comes first.
5. 30 days to prove your worth to the guild after which the 3 Leaders will decide.. None of this "he is cool I grouped with him once get him in our guild."
6. Raids will schduled and processed by the person that wishes to throw the raid. Raid Leader gets to distrbute loot accordingly.. See rule 3 for any questions about loot distrabution.
7. If your gone for 30 days and have no excuse and let no one know your booted, and as you resume your corse in EQ2 if you so choose you maybe let back in.. If you make the same mistake twice your out.
8. If you beg or plead for guild services and you act as a child I will treat you like one and give you a time out... read as: you will be expeld
9. No disruptions in guild chat like F*** you and or nasty language. SOE invinted the /tell for a reason, use it for crazy online butt love. Not /Gu Chat
10. Officers are your first line to get things done but, that doesnt mean you can not do it as yourself. I.E. you have Amob_01 to kill for quest nickity nak put together the guild or personal group to do it. Perferably if someone in the guild asks for help be willing to put forth the time this is a give take situation but we all should be here willing to give.
11. Nameing policy from SOE may not really apply to SOE anylonger but it does to me. There will be no names such as. Leegolis, AAAragorn, Whodonit Ididit, and nothign durogitory. If I or someone in the guild feels your name is either A. from a book, movie, or TV you may not be guilded. B. If your Sur name is not placed at the time of joining guild and is somewhat offencsive or not in the spirit of the game you may become expeld. This maybe a bit harsh for those that want stupid and/or unorignial games but hey it's my guild and I cant control server wide names such as Microwave oven but I sure as hell wont let you join. This will all become case by case basis and may be upto guild and or senate at that time.
12. If you become a patron you are takeing a position of responsiablity if you take on the task to do this it's till level 30. You have a 2 week notice to drop Patronage so that we can get someone geared up to take your place. If your a patron it is required to do one writ a week min/ Heritages count towards your 1 writ. If you leave for more then 30 days and or have to go on a long break inform the guild, state your reason and at that time it will be discussed as to what will happen, more likely your posistion will be held. If your a patron and leave for 30 days and have no notice I will no notice your ass for demotion and someone will take your place, which you will never regain.
13. If you are a normal guildie and are gone for 90days without notice you will be kicked.
14. This is a friends and family Guild and nothing is truly required such as raids or grouping. The only requirement is your friendly and helpfull.
15. This is a big no no- Dont bother those that have a tradeskill for your level to make you such and such item. If someone can make you something and you ask expect to pay them back in one way or another. If that someone decided to not make it for you and or is busy well; think of it this way if you were out xping and someone said "hey drop what your doing to help me" but you were far in a dungeon or fairly engrossed, would you stop to go to them? No most likey not. So if someone is willing and or is gonna make the item leave it at that. When said person tradeskilling has time and did say yes leave it at that let them get it to you on their time not yours. Do not beg in the guild EVER if you say " PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs make blah blah for me PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs?" you will get you kicked. I dont care if your the son of Moorgard your done. Consider rule 15 your warning. If you do this in tells and I hear word of it through more then 2 persons you will be banned no questions asked.
16. Do not cause Guild drama! Ever this is not day time soaps. If you have trouble with someone then talk with them. If that dont fix it you will have one officer above you talk with them, if the issue is still not resolved it will go to the Senate. I.E. if you think so and so is getting all the treatment and such and such is so ass kissy talk with as little people as possilbe to get the issue resolved. Becuase even if the other person is at fault and you spiral the whole situation into a guild problem you will be kicked.
17. If your not a Patron and want to help out the guild then you may do so in other ways, no one will ever say no to a guildie trying to do good things for the guild. I.E. helping out with the web sight or to putting together gatherings for either raids or just to get together to wipe out Black burrow for fun. Remeber though, if your not a patron do not become a winey baby about it becoming one or you will get a warning with a soon after Boot from the guild if you continue. There will be a section devoted to patrons and those that wish to become or help patronage.
18. This is a Game and we are a family enjoy be happy and we will have a great time.

These rules are subjected to change but the basic's will stay the same. Now to get Guilded and start throwing these down in stone.


Blogger Mr.X said...

A lot of your rules pertain to patrons; they are talking about changing the rules on that again.

Test right now has 12 patrons, but there is no penalty for de-patroning someone or leaving the guild. So the smart thing to do is have a few patrons, and leave one or two slots empty, patron a person just before completing writs or a heritage quest, and de-patroning them. May or may not go live, who knows.

They also might do away with patrons altogether.

Would appreciate it if you'd link my site up, I linked to you.

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