Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Struck a Chord

This will be a very long post and in some ways will be revealing to how I think and feel.

The United States Flag. Love it or hate it, it's the symbol of America with its history dating back further then the Actual birth date of America As you will soon read. I look at the flag of nothing more then a Coat of Arms for America. I also belief America is Great but, can become Greater. Although in resent times of "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" I've come to notice the down side much more.

I have traveled and lived overseas my wife is an Italian born in Naples and this helps me keep my head on strait. You see the differences are so gaped between us and our overseas brothers. When you live over there as military it's pretty much mandated you have your last year in back stateside to reintroduce better yet re-indoctorate you to the US way of life. (they don't want you to grow to accustom to there way of life becasue alot fall in love with it and dont come back) In my opinion European way of life and culture is great, every week there is a festival, every week family's and neibors get together for some for of gathering, every week they show a connection to one another. That to me is unlike anything I have experienced here in America, though it could be because I have lived the life I have though I tend to belief it's just there culture is much closer knit. Yeah I know Americans have celebrations but Marti gra, New Years, and 4th of July aren't the same by any means.

This is not to say America is the Suck! It's just to point out that our culture is to self absorbed and somewhat scared of what's outside there front door. (Maybe were scared becuase people are getting in trouble for taking pictures of their naked 1 month old baby and then getting them developed) When was the last time you went over to a neibor to say hello and have a 6er of beer? No not a Friday night party to get drunk, just to have some conversation about wtf ever. When was the last time your Landlord came over just to say hello and bring you a Case... Not just a 6er a full Case of beer just to say hey thanks for staying in my house. That happened to me alot in Germany.

The point of this post is for me to get out my frustrations with today's society. This all came about I was told today that all Military Retirements will now have This to read off on the Flag folding Ceremony. Ok yeah the history is grand we can read it and be done with it but, when I retire I really don't want a history lesson. Those of you that would like a history lesson then should have the choice to do so. I am a Christian and as such will not lay down my beliefs just to make you fucking sleep better at night. You were not the one "Whom so loved the world he gave his only begotten son." and you will not be the one to send me to hell, go there on your own accord. What I'm talking about is the way the flag ceremony was done. This is what I want read off at my Retirement ceremony religious or not, it belittles nobody and it's non offensive and If it's not aloud to be read then I need not have a ceremony. You find it offensive? Then you my friend are the one with a problem. I also know alot of this came about becuase of the crap in the Air Force Academy, fucking 18 punk kids crying that it's religous abound, and they were made fun of when they didnt go to church by the other kids. GIMMY a fuking BREAK already, I was made fun of when I didnt go to HighSchool football games or play sport. I know I'm not the only one either do you see them saying well we should take out sports becasue it's offensive to some childern... UH! No you didnt and no you wont.

I do not persecute those who do not choose to worship my God, I do not trash those whom wish to be Gay, I do not find it offensive for those of you who do not worship God or want to be Gay and Marry. That is the way you choose to live your life and it's your life given to you by God with FREE WILL. Funny how that works though some group of Neo-NON religious Sects are in a way practicing Religion. How different is it for them to run around crying? "OH MY they are using Religion again get it out" vs. "There needs to be the love of God here put it in place." I'm sorry for those of you who feel threatened by the Love of God. Good or Bad only comes from the heart of the people we are around, with God there is only Good. I feel sorry for those of you that may have had religion PUSHED on you in some form or another. I do know some forms of pressure weather it be religious or otherwise can become overwhelming and a burden at times. Though saying One Nation under God is not a form of you need to go to become a Christian, Catholic or Muslim. It's still a "Somewhat" Free Country you have the choice to not say it, damn you have the free will just to not say the pledge all together if you so choose.

On to the main point I'm trying to get across here. I keep seeing God being taken out of America and that to me is the reason for this post. It saddens me in a way though it hasn't in the past, usually I just say O well God's still here... I've told myself that a million times. No matter what the American public will do God will always be here. It is weather or not he will be with us when we finally choose once again we need him/her.

Think of what we have been through in over 200 years that has been changed due to a person of a good heart. Someone who was God fearing and wanted to do good by the heavens and on Earth. Abraham Lincoln set forth the proclamation to set all men free in America, Civil rights were bestowed upon each individual by God. Through the vision of one man who had faith and the Army of men who seen fit to go to war over it. Some may say o yeah it would of happened sooner or later. Not with out the God, there is Good in the world yes. I believe a person without the belief in God can be good. Though can he be good with a purpose and can he with out there being a God?

It seems as if these days we want to really see how far the rabbit hole goes. Take the 10 commandments out of the court houses. Yeah ok that's a good Idea, while your at it strike Thou shal not kill from the law books. Oh! And though shal not covet another man's wife, cause we all know we want to go home and see someone in your place of bed. How bout remove Thou shal not steal from the records too because fuckit who needs Wal-Mart shit anyhow. Strike Thou shal honor thy mother and father from the records cause we all know today's kids can raise themselves; They can watch Jerry Springer, spank it to GTA nudie scene's after they can shoot their parents, now remember there is no Thou shal not kill. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor; Opps we just killed em all while screwing their wife and ox, and stealing there Big Screen T.V. so we don't need that one now either. (get my point)

Religious Zealots are as pathetic as the Non-religious Zealots. Both are getting at the same point if you ask me, A) they are only in it for themselves one way or another and B) Have something to gain. Over Religious people are trying to use God to take your money and buy themselves a new car, while maybe trying to get you into the gates of heaven. They make you feel like if you don't give enough to them(church) then you aren't going to be blessed. I like Job am blessed everyday with or without any worldly possestions. Non-religious folk are in it for there own gain one way or another, they want recognition which gets them notoriety and it also buys them a new car. A person a normal person like me, knows that if you can read then read the bible for yourself then pray,have and learn patience for God does answer just not in a loud voice.

Keep taken God out and putting other vices in place we will see how far this America will take us. As in Rome when they kept on changing, look at the different Rulers between God, Paganism and the like. You will see that it became strong when God was present and broke when God was left out. Even with Paganism which is a touchy point for me the people had a belief wether it good or bad. I for one trust someone who has faith in something more then someone who has faith in themselves or nothing at all.( not the type of faith such as I can win this next battle with the Gruktooth goblins either.) A belief is what keeps us strong as a whole and with out it what are we? To me if there was no God then what is the point of all this? It would be a life of repetition till we die then all for not.. Eat, Sleep, Work, pay bills, buy stuff, repeat, die. Is that what America is all about is that what life is all about? No. If we take God out of America what will be the God in his place?


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