Monday, August 22, 2005


Well the good Blogger Aggro is at it again and though I enjoy reading his stuff every morning at work. Today's outlook I have to disagree with hope you don't mind Aggro. I was gonna write a comment today but, what I have to say in regards to what he said here goes farther then a few sentences.

Most know and that have came from EQlive understand their is different mentality then those that just started their MMO with EQ2. With that being said I have no arguments to say we Old timers are more right, it's just to say I believe we are wiser to the ways of the MMO world. (notice wise not intellegence) That is also to say that SOE is experimenting, I also believe they are watching the numbers closer to their wallets then we are and would only do these proposed changes if it were to warrant something good here.. I'm getting to a point bare with me.. What I'm tryn to say here is two fold well I do believe SOE already said it but, here goes.

Unlocking encounters: I have been against Locked encounter from the beginning and have strong feelings even though I look past it everyday while I stay in EQ2 world. Some say it will start a Kill Stealing spree (KS) but, KSing is happening everyday. This moment as you sit here reading this someone just ganked and locked Bloodtalon from another grp that has been in the area waiting for the spawn for 4 hours. That's right someone just ganked your Chomper from the lake in EL while you stepped away to get you drink.. You see opening up encounters isn't gonna start or stop anything that doesn't already happen.

I can tell you power leveling may happen, Ok yeah it will happen and you may not like it. Now it's been mentioned that if the second engager (DPS wise) if they were to take over 50% they make the 1st engager lose part xp.. This is sweet if you ask me, like I mentioned above If I have a grp that gets KSed this time around and they engage first screw em I will engage second and out DPS those mofo's to at least feel some pain. LOL! no but seriously Aggro mentioned the part about healers what does that do for them? It's still I believe more benefitial that the said healer group and mentor then sit idol and heal. A) They both get xp the mentor a lot less and the mentie 5% bonus per mentor and B) Not all heals work outside of groups... The worse heals are outside grp only granted at lvl 29 I can single heal for 200+ but for me it's a lot of mana fast it's really a pain to use this. I can't speak for druid and cleric though I know their best heals are group only. So you can Power level a what a lvl 9 or a 15 shit even up to 40+ but, I still believe the best xp is group. Unlike EQlive when you kill some mob 5+ level higher then yourself it takes a lot longer and you really don't get MAD xp like you did then. Can't hit the said mob if it's 9+ levels higher then you so you will be there all day taken off a few hits here and there; and once again Damage shields are group only spells... Not viable. Besides EQ2 has vitality I have made 5 characters 20+ each with in 4 days on off play/questing.

Don't much like the option to turn on or off the locked encounters.. Call it my purogative, not sure why just don't like it. Maybe becuase of what I said above about making a KSer feel some pain.

I do agree with raids staying locked I like a challenge and to me adding bodies isn't a challenge it's just a pain. I feel this staying locked is something they are doing right and have to say Aggro's has a better feel for the higher level game raid, I've only been to DFC... Though I believe they need to make DFC less active.. I mean what is it with those Orcs running around aimlessly unless to lag everyone is SOE objective. Anyways that's another story all together.

As far as swapping members in and out of a group at will this will be ok only if it's central to the leader and not chosen by the member... I can just see it everyone's dieing because of some joker and the Joker disbands so he don't get the debt from everyone else.. We will see about this one.

I will have to dis-agree with Aggro when he says that it these changes to the encounters won't have a change on the community. I'm sure some others will agree and I know SOE has paid attention thus far. A short story of my own: It had to be my 3rd Alt ever he was a lvl 9 warrior and in those days all they had was a bow/ autoattack and taunt.. Oh and beserk if you fall below in HP's where you start to hit and damage more rapidly because you are about to die... There I was in Greater Faydark fighting an Orc Cent it just jumped me. For all those that don't know you have to have -12 Health or something like that to actually die lest in those days it was that. Here come's a Game long friend Mausie just running around mindin her own business. She seen me get waxed I was in the purple club of hers for sure.. She hit me with a heal and a few buffs I got up and went at it again... I was excited to say the least it was fun and formed a bond between a high level and a low level.. This does not really happen in EQ2 outside of tradeskills.. Anyways to finish the story I joined her guild and met and done many of things becuase of that moment in EQlive history..

That is not to say that it can't happen other ways I'm just pointing out that helping does happen.... In all my years on Norath the only thing power leveling ever did that I've seen was A. Show an E-penis and B. Help you catch up with your friends.. Though if I wanted to I could have a lvl 50 in less then a month w/o powerlvling in EQ2... No way in hell you gonna do that in EQlive w/o powerlvling, least first year in EQlive. Guess what I'm sayin is there is less a point to PL in EQ2 because leveling is a joke.

Aggro has gone on to say it breaks immerstion if you have a buff healer/bot next to your group healing you while it makes everything easier.. Ok I somewhat agree however, It's still possible to have a level 50 join a lvl 30 group and get the SBS heritage done... I know I did it, it was boring and uneventful. So I do agree it took away from the raid and It can but that's a group choice. You want to get it done? You do it the way you want and sometimes you do what it takes to get that last piece to a quest.. Healer bot or not EQ2 still has this problem today.

Thinking more on this back to my EQlive days and I can't think of a time there was a bot used in any groups I was in.... Ever. There were some during raids but, that's about it.

I disagree this change is change for progress, hell if it sux I'm sure Sony will just change it again right? The are bringing back heroics which I'm excited about. Solo is good Group is better and we need more grouping even if it's outside. Untill Next time you all stay locked and safe out there.

Stay tuned sometime here shortly both Aggro and I go at it over Vanguard: Saga of Hero's


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