Monday, August 08, 2005

New day Monday

Ok, as of late it's been fairly stressful and trust me when I say if I'm doing real life quests. None are giving good loots. I have been watching news and reading crap entirely to much so it's why my posts seem to be doom and gloom. NO MORE! I will rant on the inside from now on, I read back on what I write and say to myself who the hell cares about this.

Good stuff from now on I hope.

lately My EQ2 lifestyle has been repeat after repeat... My wife and I seem to be making alts so it's been very Groundhoggish; is that a word? Anyhow, we are on the end of our 4th AQ's and let me say. The mages get screwed the most on all these AQ's not by loot but by kills. As a warrior and a shaman I was able to do most easy enough. Casters get screwed from AQ2 and on, though I will I have to say it still is quite fun. I'm hope'n we can get past TS here shortly cause that zone is starting to bug me out it's like a second home and been so since December last year. Not that it's a bad zone.

Guild wise were doing well, we have a few in game fellows that are really cool to have around. We are almost level 9 and it's not really taken to long. .. Well I guess doing the DWB and GLS heritages 8 times in the last few weeks helps but if I have to talk to Hwal one more time I'm not only gonna kill his grandpa again, he's going down too... HEllow THEre wouldn't mind helpin an old dwarf?...Bah yeah I think I would. How many more boots does this guy have to give out; and if it's unlimited is there a Gnomish sweatshop set up somewhere? Freeport perhaps

I'm looking forward to hit the first adventure pack for real this time. I know most say it's crap and or is boring. However, I've yet to see to many who have really gone all the way through it. Those I've talked to that did have some pretty damn good loots, A monk gi to name one. Hard to not look like a druid after 30 if your a monk. We shall see and I'll give my true feedback on this one. I'm still apprehisive about the second AP because of price and Im not very into killing more Gnolls. I'm an avid orc slayer but tis hard to find em when your good.

Also lately I've been thinking about a few things that would make questing very cool well for an Ole Conj. myself. I logged on to my EQlive account after a little over a year, and was itching since I got that email in my box for a free 21 days to replay and walk through old memories. Boy let me tell you it was like your first kiss from a girl. I logged on and was at character select screen; which changed extinsivily from what I truly remember. I was waiting there and looking through my selection of 8 old characters from a level 14 enchanter..(second character ever made for Stein of mogok quest.. Cause damn 100pp was way to much) to my beastlord then AHHHH there he is my good ole toon. Quylein Kookaii sitting there as if nothing ever changed he looked the same as I left him.
Sitting there I got this Idea to show my wife (WHO LOATHES EQlive) the history of the cites and the world itself. I loaded into my home city, guess they changed it to be able to port back to home town with a click of a button. There she was Niola Impholder, next to the Guild master who gave me my newbie robe, the only robe I'll never forget Gossamer robe quest from Crushbone. It took me till around level 20 to get it and had till I got a Crystal robe from CC at around 30.. Jezz I cant believe I remember this shit. Well any how I've started on my quest to show my wife the outdated or as she says "Ugly grafix" world of Norath... I know they have updated and fixed changed and Fudged up EQlive. Though, you figure since they did say back in 2002 after Luclin came out they would update the Guards they would be updated by now. I mean common those tin head Guards in Felwithe are quite stupid now.

To be continued...


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