Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bored why wait?

Eat a snik... um nah go here and have a little story telling fun.. It's been working up and getting quite interesting.

I'm bored got nothing to do so to get you all spun up on what un-boring adventer we are all undertaking in this EQ2 story here it goes. I didn't write most any of this but I think it's getting good

The wizard looked up and smiled.

"Oh sure, blame it on the mage; I get this all the time!"

"Well, if you were so overzealous with your casting, we wouldn't be in this situation." the Troll grumbled as he wiped his blade.

Weejum was used to this sort of banter after a good fight, as a halfling that had mastered the art of spellcasting he still never managed to get much respect.

"You call it overzealous, I call it timely," the diminutive Weejum tossed back to his sizable comrade.

" It's not 'Timely' blasting us out of the Hot Water YOU got us into in the first place ya little runt! jabbed Grak with a laugh; "next round is on you maybe the next 2 rounds!

"Grak... I can guarantee you that our little Weejum here can handle himself, he'll be worth his fee ten fold.", cut in a calm yet assertive voice.

" He keeps waggling them fingers at every little gnat around his head and we'll never know will we Captain?" griped the Troll as he examined the edge of his sword for nicks from the recent scuffle.

Little Weejum Splinterkeg's smile grew even broader as his troll-friend took the bait, they were so easy to goad into a quarrel, now he could make his move.

Just as Weejum was about to act, "You really don't want to do that right now do you Weejum?" their Kerra traveling partner asked calmly.

Seeing his companions' hands tighten around their weapons, Captain Lyren's commanding voice rang out, "You were hired to do a job, people, and not bicker, so let's focus on the task at hand."

As they prepared to set off on their journey to the Mountains of Everfrost Weejum relized it was now or never.

"I have a confession to make," Weejum said, clearing his throat.

I once ate a gnome, I KNOW I KNOW! it was him er me... That Gnome was rabid and um. I had to let you all know becuase well, I need to eat. As the rest were all in Gasp!

What's so special about that inquired Fhuzz, as he sharpened his claws on a nearby tree trunk. "I eat Ratongas all the time."

"You'd have a hard time getting me down, Fhuzz." Said the small ratonga by his side, as she sheathed her blades.

Grak opened one of his bags, pulled out a piece of meat from the growing pile since they'd left from Fallen Gate and offered it to it to Weejum. "Here, take this and keep away from my legs you ankle biter."

"Mmm, tasty," said Weejum as he tore into the meat.

"One more bite and I'll be done". Weejum assured his friends.. "WAIT! what is this meat again?" Grak replied "Troll... oh wait Orc,no wait Ogre. Ahh hell it's all the same to me." Want some Darkelf blood to wash it down with? laughing hardaly

Bah! nope still nothing to write about today..

OK Words of wisdom... Don't try to do Unearthing on the first Adventuer Pack if you under level 27 even if you have a full group... Unless you plan on die'n alot.


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