Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Everything new is good for you

Aggro today has great advice in his little blogup and I would like to piggy back off that.

It all started back Oh lets say 1999 when this lowly ole magi decided to start on my adventures in Norath. It was an eventful time, I have said before it took me a week just to chose my Name and Class. Poof there I was in the front quarter of Felwithe as a tall sleek blonde retarded looking HIE. Little did I know the world about me would change, some for the better some for the worse. Thought just like beauty it's all in the eye of the beholder.

The first big change I can remember that effected both the game and How I would be in a raid was Shadows of Luclin. The graphics were to be renewed the gameplay better the world itself a little bit bigger and the Vah Shir were to be a new race. Now don't get me wrong I think Kunark was big too. However, I didn't get to play to much when it was new I just kinda grew up into it likewise with Velious. Anyhow, I liked my Magi even though at times I was very hard for a magi to get groups. Then all of a sudden it was as if the heavens opened and SOE started to listen. Our pets should zone, we should be able to heal them better, we need a self mana regen, we need it so our pets don't do anything if we tell them to, we need our pets to be non-aggro because they would like to pull trains.

There were many posts at the Magician tower about these things for years and nothing was done. From SoL to Planes of Power these things were implemented and many things were taken away. Call of hero was disabled in some zones, to also having a long cast/recast time on them. SoL introduced a sweet mod rod but that was the Magi's bane if you ask me. I was a mana battery for healers and I was at the verge of killing any druid that would ask for one.. They want mana for what? So they can nuke! WTF... All these things played into the big picture. Then POP "nerfed" the rods into what is really how we use the shards today on EQ2 long recast and minimum effect. The effect was astounding to magi's everywhere, we got new nukes to replace it... I was criting for 4K hps and doing what I believe magi's should; Kill shit. Though, this is not to say I wasn't apprehensive to begin with I mean I just spend 10K on the Mod rod spell and knew my place in raids (even though it wasn't fun) SOE fixed it with the mind set that it should be fun and balanced.

I guess what I'm getting at here is all these changes were for the total effect of everyone and everything around us. There are those that solo; they will feel the brunt of this update because these people rarely realize the significance of an ONLINE game. I'm not saying soloing is bad though I will say look at the bigger picture. If you can't see it then group and you may just see what's going down. This is an exciting time in the world of Norath now if they would let me conjure up a full plate and weapon arsenal for my pets we'd be rockin.

I Have played a few characters now from 1 to 20+ and think I have a feel for what every archetype has to deal with. My ranger is 25 now and I think has the hardest time to solo anything Unless you stun run and back CA you will be there forever in most even fights. My guardian (40) could take anything down 2 levels above and still have most HP's left (no challenge). My Conj(25) is somewhat on the in and out he can kill stuff quick but not heroics unless I fight all melee mobs and kite them with my Fir wand. My shaman(26) and wife's Druid(27) have no troubles in just about any situation. I think the heal/nuke melee for my shaman is way to powerful in most cases not in balance with other classes. I have almost no reason to group I can take even heroics by myself I start off killing a few of the casters if they are present. I heal when needed and melee/nuke stuff dead and if I have to kite with my Imbued fir wand. The reaction imbued armor helps a lot and makes it somewhat of a way to easy fight. I have also played a Monk to lvl (28) a Pally to lvl (27) and they are both easy, the Pally is the easiest fighter to play. Everyone can solo stuff easily get loots and xp(double if vit is up) and there is no challenge to what your doing, some have it a lot easier then others mainly priest. It also seems in groups most mob's go down without a fight all except for that damn Rotstuffer Gnoll caster in Antonica.(think Soe forgot to dumb him down)

My saying is "Easy leads to dumb, Dumb leads to boredom, Boredom leads to no cash for Soe" for Short ELDLBLS. I believe this is the real reason most don't play EQ2 anymore it's become been there got the levels went everywhere buhbye. So SoE wants more cash and they are gonna do a good job balancing out this Combat upgrade or they will lose to much. (I know it's a general assumption) One in which I make hoping they make EQ2 harder/funner while balancing it correctly. I mean it's already not a big deal to die in 99% of most cases.


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