Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More rocks please

A wise person once wrote OK, well it was Aggro that wrote "I have to agree that the weather system could use some work. It would be really cool if weather also had some (even minimal) effect on gameplay (other than causing lag)." In response to yesterdays brief suggestions that the weather in EQ2 needs work.

It hailed like it was the apocalypse here yesterday evening and as I was enjoying 1/4 inch rock size ice pellets hit my house and car it hit me. Well ice hit me 2 of em square in the knuckle and I pondered what Aggro said; what if weather had some sort of gameplay effect? Yeah yeah! I know the plague was a gameplay effect that was a annoyance and was easily cured. Though, I figured that if it could rain and they could implement it to snow/hail.

The game play effect would be as if you were getting pellted by by tiny ice and it would be a mini nuke hit per person and NPC. It would in a since be one more element in the fight that we would have to contend with. If it were snowing and your SV Cold was low then you would have a DOT cold on you that could only be countered by wearing more SVcold gear. I mean EQ1 slightly did it, if you were to jump in a lava pool with enough SVheat it wouldn't take to much damage a tick. Which was somewhat fun to swim in lava and check out SolRo. I figure I'm running around with 20000000SVC I might as well use it right?

This would make much more sense in places like Everfrost and lavastorm to a degree. Though I believe that in Antonica, Commonlands and the other places this would be a welcomed changed during winter time.. Emerstion if you will, to take the boring old quest/grind and throw in outside elements. It's not as if we don't have some elemental effects such as if your swimming in water you don't move as fast you cant breath with out a spell to help offset it. This to me would be best if it were a Live event. See how many people like it, although this would have to start in winter on Norath. If it's to much of annoyance then end it like the plague. Though I think this game play element would be welcomed from the norm of root dot nuke or pull taunt and wack. Yeah I win!....Again

Call me crazy but I'm a gluten for a challenge and pain. A sure thing when it comes to fighting after a while gets boring.. I know I'm repeating myself but, I look at it like this. How would it feel if there was no obstacles to Princess Toadstool and she was just a 1 hour strait run there? I thought so, a lot of replay on that one huh?


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