Thursday, September 22, 2005

Combat changes View 2

I spoke a little yesterday when the Combat changes began on how my Shaman faired against Solo's and Heroics. Now I would like to touch on a few other points.

After I went out and I soloed around to get use to my Shaman I decided I would group. Now, I love to group that's what I do. I join them or make them I'm not down on solo to much. This first group of mine was as if we were all Ebayers.. I felt like a level 36 newb, which was really fun to try and learn what pisses off NPC's, what I could do to garner or lose hate. So this group and I ran around EL killing all sorts of stuff just to see what we could and couldn't. Luckily we didn't have to much trouble killing anything however, there was trouble with hate from all the casters. The tank had decent enough taunts and was doing everything a good tank could do to get and keep hate, that was just not enough. Though it was adventurous and fun, sometimes it was a pain and I'm sure it was a pain for the tank because after that group I decided to get on my 39 Guardian.

Here is where I once again decided to test my might on evens and a few yellows SOLO's of course. I faired well considering and didn't have to much trouble in a group setting either. I joined a group well at first I just joined a cleric friend of mine to take down a green named heroic in EL. This Bee was green and mean, needless to say a level 40 cleric and 39 guardian couldn't duo a 33 heroic Named. It was somewhat disappointing, though I felt a sense of glee knowing that there will be more named spawns up because high levels will not go round and solo them for loots. Groups will now get a chance at named and for me that was what made all the difference. Anyhow when we went off to kill more then two in a group pull it was a bitch. I would use all the taunts in me, I would taunt everything as soon as it would pop. I would AOE the bitches with hate and still nothing. Now I lost a good taunt for a apprentice taunt AOE and this was a big hindrance considering my new AOE taunt was well... New. But even still my other two single taunts one was master2 upgrade and the other was adept 3. There was no way in hell I was ever able to keep full hate on me with out casters getting one to go hit on them at least. Oh well were all still learning right.

I came to the conclusion that more named would be up for groups when I went to my newb fighter on the Island. One thing I noticed more then the fact that Newb Island is now pretty much 98% soloable and much much easier then back at release, is the fact that there were 5 er 6 named up. I've never seen a named on the island and there were aprox 30 newb on at that time so I figured I could solo. Now back in the old days..(lol) I was level 6 but actually level 8 trying to take down a level 5 named heroic. It would most likely be taken down solo. Nope even on the Island named creatures require at least 3 persons to survive and kill. Over all I still like the island though in a way it kind of sucks that the only real newb experience you will get in EQ2. Unlike EQ1 every new city you make a newb in has it's own boundaries and fun built right in.

So after I did all that in the span of a day er two... Can't quite remember it was all a blur. I decided to actually start playing the game again and to stop judging. I love the new changes just about all of them.. Despite that there are a few things I don't like there is a lot more that I do like.


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