Monday, August 29, 2005

From the wheel to this

It's been a long hard road since man first chipped the wheel and had it roll over his neighbors dog.

But SOE is trying to do it again and again.. Make the wheel I mean.

Ha! Just kidding,

Anyhow I did think up some unusually cleaver stuff that could be implemented into EQ2 well OK I thought up one thing er maybe two.. Never mind just read

It was Friday and Saturday I was there helping some Guildies out and running back and forth and I thought to myself ok Kramdra needs help and shit so do I so why not start getting stuff together and Hook up some raids.

We decided to kill Torig in Cauldren Hollow boy was this a mess.. First we had 2 initial groups of 30 to 40 and a few high 20's... The wife relized we are gonna need one more for this puppy so we decided to get a 3rd group together. I think it took us maybe 1.5 hours to get everyone there and settled well as settled as they could be.. We have 3 groups finally and they were all messed up I mean really messed up 5 tanks and one healer in one group and 4 DPS with one tank and mage you get the point. Anyhow, it took us maybe another 1hour to organize groups by class/level which was no easy feat in itself.

I suggest that every group leader be leader of raid for one... due to LD and LAG; Suggestion 2 there should be a way for Main Raid Leader to swap out persons from one grp to another w/o having to disband switch regroup... People wait go AFK, or are having a baby.. You see not everyone sits idly by knowing raids take time. So why not just cut the BS of having to wait for everyone to see what's typed or said for them to do and let the raid leader do it..

Personal suggestion to those FUCK's who go on raids for XP... Get a damn brain raids are for loot groups are for XP... Stop complaining about geting so little or none at all... NO ONE GIVES TWO SHITS ABOUT YOUR XP.

Ok, Sorry, anyhow, my last suggestion is to let there be a options to see what something is immune to.. It's tiresome to see 15 people beating on a mob and see IMMUNE 50 times above there head, I mean seriously how am I to know what it's immune to....

That is all... Raid happly and here's to your loots... which is another thing no one really cares you have.


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