Friday, September 16, 2005

Where's the BEEF

So SOE where is it? Yeah I give them props for making a change that I wanted. I will say that the way things are now are 40% in the right direction. However, I don't mind a challenge as I've mentioned a few times here and there it's what makes the game for me.

Now onto the BEEF, by beef I mean details in weapons and armours. I still see people running around in the same look with the same min/max procablity gear and there is no substance to it all. I finally broke down and decided to not use my Armourer to make Feysteel for my Shaman. It was a hard desistion but I wanted to have a unique look, the Feysteel dropped chain I have is a red tinge but has no extra nuke or heal and it's stats are not that much less then the Feysteel made by players. However, it's still not really that rare of a look kinda looks like this Iksar. I don't understand how hard it would be to make even subtle changes like in the old pictures you can find here. Make some armour different colors, shit at lest it's some what of a change from the norm. Make weapons look different too while your at it, and don't make a kick ass sweet looking weapon like the PGT or Ghoulbane into any other sword a newb can get. I mean it was a kick in the nuts when I seen a lvl 10 sporting a Ghoulbane esk looking sword. I know it's not the same sword but the look is also a reason to sport something.

Ok I understand those that RP or play the game min/max don't care but it would be a lie to say Vanity is not apart of this game. I will give up a look for far better stats in most cases however, I like originality over it all. I don't mind looking like everyone else up to lvl 20 hell even 25 but after 30 and on into the 50 and 60 there should be a wider range of armour to choose from. So don't worry about pushing another expantion or adventure pack until you start fixing loot tables full of semi rare drops to rare drops... I don't care if I will never see any of the uber loot gear but I do care that it's there if I want to work for it. As far as the rare harvested stuff that is less rare now... Thanks a fucking lot. It's rare and hard and not cheap for a reason, and that is about as getting different to someone or some newb_01 your gonna get now it's even less of a range. Please stop just handing us over everything we can get in a few days play. Make somethings difficult(read as* not time consuming rather puzzling) and rewarding so that when you earn an item you know that you earned it.

Here's another question where is this armour at? It's funny if you look through all those old pictures of things that never made it into live.


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