Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Point of View 1

There have been many times in my EQlive career I would see a change and it went one of three ways.

A. I would love it and be happy that it was there. Such as the First round of Caster Changes on EQ live.

B. I would hate it every bit of it, nothing about it would be good for how I seen the game. I.E. The addition of the POP expantion books. Hell POP it's self.

C. I didn't really care. I'm a Conjurer and the Ranger got an update to his Spells.. Really didn't care.

Well Here we are in what I will call the first update out of Beta along with the first expantion (LU13). I know, I know everything is always constantly changing and for that I'm grateful. I want to first say that the LU13 is an A. in my book. Just about every bit of it and I will tell you why.

I am only going to comment mainly on my 40 Shaman. I will throw in my perspective of a 40 Guardian and 41 Monk. O and my newb I made just to see what was up with the island with the changes. As far as any Mage feedback Aggro Me has a better view point there.

I logged on and started to do what any one would do after the change look at all my spells in my 3 open hotbars. There were big holes in my hot bars now being filled with new spells that are old, I would never use unless I mentor.. I picked all my [+] to make sure I was set then my Swashy buddy who only played 30 min started in. He was kinda mad telling me how he was WAY nerfed and he can't solo a blue solo mob anymore without almost die'n. I was curious to this fact thought in all fairness I can heal and protect myself while doing good HO's. So at this time being 37 I went out to deep Zek and found myself a blue con with an arrow up he was equal to me 36^. I waxed his ass faster then you could sit down after a morning prayer in church on a Sunday. Luckily my Swashy friend actually went back through his spell book and found that he can employ new tactics. This is from a solo stand point if you didn't notice and usually I don't solo... It's boring, meek, and only good when waiting for your grp to form. (sorry just my opinion)

Now I turned over to our basic world wide channel in Faydark the Heritage channel and I could swear everyone was gonna quit the way they were talking... OMFG they all were crying that they were (Way Suk). I didn't worry to much really I was just watching feedback only 30min after a patch went live.... Boy was that scary. Anyhow the Main complaint was we can't or better yet they can't solo Heroics any longer especially Green Heroics. So I wanted to see what they were all swimming in. I went to TS and found a butt load of stuff turned green again on me.. (Yeah for me! A larger range of kills, to anyone that didn't notice this is great and I tell you why really fast treasures drop more frequently on Greens) OK any way I ran off to some green centaurs and they were Heroic I was able to drop one really fast but that was with a quick HO that included centaur Bane nuke. Sadly I had to run and Laughed and was thinking to myself there is gonna finally be risk vs reward in this game. I love it, Heroic's should be just that Heroic.

Stay tuned I will keep this one going because I have a lot to say.


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