Friday, September 23, 2005

Everquest 2, combat or not to combat that is the question

Ok now there is double xp for tradeskill better yet was but only till today? I dont know I'm gonna figure it out either way. I am at a cross roads again becuase my Shaman being 40 I need to get upgrade armour. My armour is 42 almost 43 and needs to be 45 to make full set of un-Imbued gear. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Any damn how, if you can't figure it out I'm drawling a blank becuase; I dont get to play EQ2 during the mid week that much ... This sucketh

I guess it's kinda pointless becuase as of today I still like the changes and am loving EQ2. Now if they would only start adding Class specific armour it would be great.

Well one bonus I have liked and forgot to mention, DFC is actually hard and fun... Though they still need to fix the Pretorian Guards.


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