Monday, September 26, 2005

Loving CU

There are days when you still have nothing to say like today; being one of them. I've had to stretch lately to find anything of importance throughout the land of Norath. It's kinda hard when I haven't yet got DoF and nothing really new to talk about except the CU.

I've touched on it a tad and I am still loving every bit of it. Even thought sometimes we get our Ass's handed to us by something 7 or 8 levels lower then us it gets frustrating. Like I said I love a challenge. In case your wondering Slayer ring quest is very difficult with low level 40's it's 33 Epic X2.. His cold AOE and Gflux however didn't hold up to well to a full grp of 40's.

My Shaman has since gotten a few upgrades and that it has been very beneficial for power overall. I've done nothing fancy even thought I wish I could come on and say I've soloed a Blue heroics. There has been mostly really fun times.. I missed my heart beating a million miles a minute like in my old Eq1 days.. Eq2 has actually been doing that to me lately.. Not knowing if your gonna win or lose. I just don't and will never understand why some think if they get something with out a challenge and that only takes time they are how do we say? Uber.

Things that I have loved in the recent past with EQlive I love again in EQ2 mainly having to have a stratagem. It's to easy to Zerg and was dull when you had to put forth no effort. Even when I'm ward healing, with a little bit of debuffing it has to be stratagem for each different mob I come up against.. And sometimes even their levels effect what I will be casting.

Be safe and have fun


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